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Köpa hockeyklubba: Detta ska du tänka på inför köpet

Blade Guide for Hockey Sticks: How to Choose the Right Angle

If you are a right-handed shooter, you need a stick with a "right" grip, while "left" is designed for left-handed shooters. But there is more that distinguishes the blades. Here we explain the blade's properties in more detail.

Choosing Skates Size: How to Choose Skates that Fit

It can be difficult to know exactly what size to choose, especially considering that different models also vary in fit. We will give you our best tips to make finding skates easier.

Hocket målvaktsskydd: så väljer du rätt utrustning

Extend Hockey Stick - Step by Step Guide

Have you outgrown your favorite stick? Or do you feel that you need some extra reach to reach your full potential on the ice? Here we explain step by step how to extend your hockey stick and what tools and accessories you need to succeed.

Intermediate Hockey Stick - For Players between Junior and Senior

Intermediate players typically include players between about 12 and 16 years old. They usually play with a full-size blade and shaft, while the flex and length of the stick are still lower than for seniors. We can help you find the right intermediate hockey stick.

Adjusting the Length of a Hockey Stick – A Comprehensive Guide

Contemporary hockey sticks are typically made of composite materials and can be customized, either shortened or lengthened, to fit the individual needs of players. In this article, we will explain the appropriate length for a hockey stick, provide a step-by-step guide on how to cut it to the desired length.

Length of the hockey stick – a matter of playing style, body height, and position

Having the correct length for a hockey stick is, to say the least, crucial for you to play ice hockey as desired. Even though there are guidelines regarding the length of a hockey stick, other factors also influence the choice. We provide our top recommendations in the pursuit of the perfect stick length!

Skates for Wide Feet – Selecting the Appropriate Fit

For individuals with wide feet, finding a pair of skates that fit comfortably can be challenging. However, by initially determining the skate's fitting profile or opting for a pair of custom-fitted skates, you can address this concern. Here are our top recommendations for those seeking wider skates.

Hockey Goalie Equipment – How to Select the Right Gear as a Goalkeeper

As a hockey goalkeeper, you understand the crucial importance of your equipment. Beyond preventing pucks from entering the net, it's crucial to shield yourself from hard pucks, swinging sticks, and sharp skates. We offer our top recommendations to assist you in finding the appropriate goalkeeper gear

Purchasing a Hockey Stick – Key Factors to Consider Before Your Purchase

When investing in a new hockey stick, there are several aspects to consider. The most crucial is selecting the correct length and flex suitable for your age, but other characteristics, such as the "kick point," can also play a significant role. In this guide, we elucidate the factors you should prioritize to ensure you choose a hockey stick tailored to your needs.

Base Layer for Hockey – The premier choices for the dedicated ice hockey player

When engaging in ice hockey, you require a base layer that provides both comfort and keeps you dry while maintaining an optimal temperature. We offer various base layers crafted from functional materials with thermoregulatory properties. Here, we provide recommendations for comfortable garments to wear beneath your hockey gear.

Hockey Glove Size Guide – Selecting the Right Size for Your Gloves

It's essential for gloves to fit correctly to ensure optimal grip and fit. You can guarantee this by selecting a pair of hockey gloves from the appropriate category based on your age and skill level. Here, we provide our top recommendations to help you find the perfect pair of gloves tailored to your needs.

Hockey Helmet Size Guide – How to Choose the Right Helmet Size

When purchasing a hockey helmet, it's crucial to select the correct size to ensure maximum protection. Moreover, modern helmets can be adjusted to fit the head for an optimal fit. Here, we explain how to choose the right helmet and what to consider before making a purchase.

How to Choose the Right Elbow Pads for Hockey

Elbow pads should be both lightweight and easy to use, while simultaneously providing optimal protection against hits and impacts. At Hockeystore, you'll find hockey elbow pads in various sizes from renowned brands like Bauer, CCM, and Warrior. We're here to help you find the right model for you.

Neck Guard Shirt – a base layer with integrated neck protection

Base layers with integrated neck protection are a smart solution to always safeguard the neck from sharp ice skate blades when playing ice hockey. We offer neck guard shirts for children, juniors, and seniors – from established brands like Bauer and CCM.

Shoulder Pads for Hockey – Our Top Tips Before Purchase

A shoulder pad, or shoulder guard, protects the shoulders, upper arms, chest, and collarbones without compromising mobility while playing ice hockey. We offer shoulder pads for children, juniors, and seniors, from brands like Bauer, CCM, and Warrior. Here are our top tips for your purchase!

Street Hockey: What's Included in a Complete Gear Set

Given that street hockey is typically played on asphalt or concrete, you'll need inline skates instead of ice skates. Additionally, there are several products and accessories specifically tailored for this activity. Here, we provide our top recommendations for a complete inline hockey gear set!

Choosing a catching glove – the comprehensive guide

For hockey goalies, the catching glove is an invaluable piece of equipment. But how do you find a glove that fits? And what should you consider before making a purchase? Here's the comprehensive guide for those in search of the perfect goalie catching glove.

Best Hockey Stick – Expert Advice Based on Ambition and Level

ForWhich hockey stick you should choose primarily depends on how much you're willing to spend. For a recreational player, a more affordable option might suffice, whereas elite players require a more advanced hockey stick to optimize their shooting and puck control. Here, our expert offers advice on the best hockey sticks based on different needs.

The best method for maintaining and cleaning hockey protective gear

To ensure your hockey equipment lasts, it's essential to clean and maintain it properly. This not only avoids unpleasant odors but also reduces the risk of skin irritations caused by bacteria. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to care for your gear, covering skates, protective padding, and base layers.

Changing the blade on skates – here's how

Today you can swiftly and effortlessly change the blade of your skates, including the blade holder, whenever necessary. Here we explain why, when and and how you as a hockey player should replace the blade on your skates.

Goalie Equipment for Youth Hockey – How to Choose the Right Protection

In ice hockey, a goaltender's gear is crucial. For children, there are specially-sized protections against pucks, sticks, and skates. Here, we outline key components of youth goaltender equipment and offer buying considerations.

Selecting Goalie Skates – Our Top Tips for Your Purchase

A pair of hockey goalie skates should both protect your feet and facilitate quick movements between the posts. Here, we provide our top tips for your purchase and suggestions for suitable models based on your level and age.

Skates for children – How to choose the right size and fit

For growing children, it's acceptable to buy skates that are a size larger. However, it becomes even more crucial to ensure the skates have the right fit and don't chafe or cause pain and discomfort. We offer our best advice for selecting skates for children.

Bake skates in the oven – How to mold the skates to fit your feet

Baking skates in the oven is an effective way to mold them to your feet for an optimal fit. However, there are several reasons why you shouldn't use your regular oven at home. Here are our top tips for baking your skates the right way.

CCM or Bauer Helmet – Adjusting Size and Fit

Modern hockey helmets from brands such as Bauer and CCM can be adjusted to fit the size and shape of your head – without the need for any tools. Here, we explain how a hockey helmet should fit and how you can adjust it for a perfect fit.

Choosing the Right Shin Guards for Hockey – A Simple Size Guide

It's crucial for shin guards to fit properly in order to protect your knees and legs from impacts and pucks while playing ice hockey. Here, we assist you in selecting the correct size and fit.

Choose the Correct Dimensions for Your Hockey Goal and Practice Shots at Home

By acquiring a full-sized ice hockey goal, you can hone your shooting skills at home. Additionally, by ordering a shooting tarp and a shooting pad, you equip yourself with all the prerequisites to become a skilled scorer. Here, we guide you through our selection.

Shooting Practice in Hockey – 3 Top Tips to Improve Your Shot Technique

Shooting quickly, powerfully, and with precision are essential skills for scoring in ice hockey. But how does one learn to shoot more accurately and powerfully? Here, we offer three top tips to help you become a better goal scorer.

How should hockey protective gear fit for optimal comfort and performance?

Hockey protective gear is primarily designed to protect and prevent injuries. However, it's also essential that they do not restrict mobility or cause discomfort while playing. Here, we explain how hockey protective equipment should fit.

At what age can children start playing hockey?

Determining the right age for children to step onto the hockey rink can be challenging. However, with the proper equipment and the right coaching, there are ample opportunities to start early. Here, we assist you, the prospective hockey parent, in making the best decision!



Skate Laces: Choose length based on the size of the skates

As an ice hockey player, you're aware that excessively long skate laces can often get in the way. Here, we provide a straightforward guide to help you choose the right length, and we offer recommendations on skate laces with various colors and features.




Why a cage for your hockey helmet is important regardless of age

For male players, age determines whether you must have a cage or a full-face visor when playing ice hockey. Here, we delve into the regulations and explain why a full-face protection for the hockey helmet is a good idea regardless of age.

Guide: When to Use a Soft Hockey Puck or a Lighter-Weight Puck

Hockey pucks don't have to be as heavy and hard as their reputation suggests. For younger players, or for those aiming to practice shot blocking, a soft or lightweight puck is the best choice. In this guide, we'll explain which puck is most suitable for different purposes.

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