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Hockey blog  Choosing Skates Size - How to Choose Skates that Fit

Skates size - how to choose skates that fit

It can be tricky to know exactly what size to get, especially considering that different models also differ in fit. We give you our best tips to make the search for a comfortable pair of skates easier.

An experienced hockey player often knows the size and fit that works best for them. They also usually have a preferred brand that they always go for. For a completely new player who has not played hockey before, the choice is not quite so simple. Here, we explain why fit is just as important as size, and give our best tips and advice on how to choose the right skates.

Size and Fit - extra important when it comes to skates

Choosing the right size and fit for skates is not quite as easy as choosing a pair of regular shoes. Skates are significantly stiffer in structure, which can cause pain if they don't fit properly. The reason for the stiff structure of skates is to protect and stabilize the feet that are exposed to both sticks, sharp turns, and hard pucks on the ice.

Choose the right size and fit to avoid pain and injuries

Playing hockey with skates that are too large is not a fun experience. The foot can both slip forward and move sideways, which decreases the effectiveness of skating and increases the risk of pain and injury. It is mainly the fit that determines how well the foot fits in the skate. A narrow foot is best suited for a narrow skate, while a wider foot needs a wider skate. Having said that, a skate can be too small even if the size is larger than what you usually need.

How to Choose the Right Skates

Click on the skate that interests you and select the correct size in the size chart. For many skates from Bauer or CCM, you can also choose the fit you want. Bauer refers to them as Fit 1, 2, and 3 - where Fit 1 is the narrowest model and Fit 3 the widest. CCM, on the other hand, calls them Tapered, Regular, and Wide. If you don't already know which fit suits you best, we recommend visiting one of our stores. There, we offer a complete profiling of your feet using a 3D scanner. Based on this, you can then choose the skate that best fits your feet.

Once you have put on the skates, it's a good idea to stand up, press one foot down at a time, and bend your knees to get an idea of how they feel in the position you have when skating. Keep in mind that the skates should provide a stable grip on your feet (especially the heels), but without squeezing or causing pain. There should also be some space in front of the skate for your toes not to be squeezed.

Here you can find all of our skates from Bauer

Here you can find all of our skates from CCM

Here you can find all of our skates for kids

The more you play, the more important it is to choose skates that fit

When choosing skates, it's wise to keep your level of ambition reasonable. If you only plan to play with friends a few times a year, a simpler model may be good enough, and the requirements for a perfect fit are not as high. The same goes for children who may be trying to play for the first time.

However, you should attach great importance to choosing the right skates if you know they will be used several times a week. In addition to well-fitting skates significantly improving your skating, it's a matter of the well-being of your feet. Playing hockey with sore feet can cause problems and lead to injury over time

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