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Length of the hockey stick – a matter of playing style, body height, and position

Having the correct length for a hockey stick is, to say the least, crucial for you to play ice hockey as desired. Even though there are guidelines regarding the length of a hockey stick, other factors also influence the choice. We provide our top recommendations in the pursuit of the perfect stick length!

What length should my hockey stick be?

Typically, a shorter player's hockey stick is less lengthy than that of a taller player. Ideally, the length of a hockey stick should extend approximately to the tip of the nose when the individual is standing without ice skates, and to the chin when wearing them. This standard applies to both children and adults. Another method to determine the stick length is to consider roughly 80% of the player's height. However, even with this guideline, there is variance in stick lengths among players who are of similar height. Some prefer a slightly longer hockey stick, while others perform best with a shorter one. We will explain the reasons behind this.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Long Hockey Stick

Many ice hockey defensemen prefer a longer stick, especially considering the increased reach it provides. This can be beneficial in defensive play as it facilitates reaching and deflecting the puck away from opponents. Moreover, a longer stick offers enhanced leverage, often allowing for more powerful shots. On the downside, an excessively long stick can compromise puck control. Specifically, it may make lateral movements more challenging and hinder keeping the puck close to the body while dribbling.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Short Hockey Stick

Forwards, or attackers, tend to favor shorter sticks. This preference can be attributed to faster puck handling and enhanced control during dribbles. However, a short stick can hinder the ability to take powerful shots, especially slap shots. It also provides a limited reach, making it challenging to access the puck when it's not directly at the blade.

Adjusting the Stick to the Correct Length

It's entirely possible to trim the stick to your desired length. Utilize a coping saw or a similar fine-toothed cutting tool, then make a new knob using hockey tape. It's essential to note that the "flex" or rigidity of the stick changes as you trim it. Specifically, the hockey stick's shaft becomes stiffer the shorter it is. This, in turn, influences the inherent characteristics of the hockey stick and subsequently affects puck handling and shooting

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Nowadays many of the leading manufacturers also offer the option to extend the stick using an extension piece.


Hockey Sticks for Children

When procuring a hockey stick for a child or junior player, it's imperative to select one specifically designed for their age group. These sticks are not only shorter in length but also feature slimmer shafts and smaller blades. This design ensures that young players, despite their relatively smaller hands, can grip the stick shaft adequately. The reduced blade size further facilitates easier puck handling.

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