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Hockey blog  Choose the Correct Dimensions for Your Hockey Goal and Practice

Choose the Correct Dimensions for Your Hockey Goal and Practice Shots at Home

By acquiring a full-sized ice hockey goal, you can hone your shooting skills at home. Additionally, by ordering a shooting tarp and a shooting pad, you equip yourself with all the prerequisites to become a skilled scorer. Here, we guide you through our selection.

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Hockey goals of the correct dimensions

A standard-sized hockey goal measures 183 cm in width and 122 cm in height. To effectively practice your shots at home, it's advisable to choose a hockey goal of the correct size to hone your accuracy. At Hockeystore, for instance, you can find a “Full Size” Hockey Goal by Mohawke that offers you the best possible conditions to refine your shooting technique. Beyond the correct dimensions, this goal cage boasts a sturdy steel frame and an exceptionally durable polyester net with additional reinforcement at the bottom – designed to withstand hard shots using real pucks.

Hockey goals

Mohawke Hockey Goal Full Size
€ 163,04
Out of stock
Bauer Hockey Goal With Backstop
€ 163,04
Out of stock
Bauer Hockey Goal Official Pro Goal.
€ 163,04
Out of stock

Accessories for your hockey goal

Attach a shooting tarp to the goal to enhance your shooting precision. CCM Ice Shooter Tutor 72" features five strategically placed holes in areas most challenging for goalkeepers to block shots.

To avoid pucks going astray when missing the goal, it's wise to set up a protective net behind it. This not only makes it easier for you to retrieve the pucks but also ensures the safety of any passersby who won't have to dodge flying pucks. 

If you're practicing shots on your driveway or in the street, it's challenging to replicate the same feel as on ice. You can easily solve this with the help of a shooting pad made of synthetic material that offers virtually the same glide. If you're solely focused on shooting, a smaller pad might suffice shooting pad, but you can also combine multiple pads if you want to create a sufficiently large area to practice dribbling as well.

Hockey Goal Accessories

Mohawke Safety Net 5 X 3
€ 63,35
Out of stock
Mohawke Shooting Pad 60 x 120 cm
€ 38,88
€ 45,22
CCM Ice Shooter Tutor 72"
€ 66,07
€ 81,47

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