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Hockey blog  Hockey Helmet Size Guide – How to Choose the Right Helmet Size

Hockey Helmet Size Guide – How to Choose the Right Helmet Size

When purchasing a hockey helmet, it's crucial to select the correct size to ensure maximum protection. Moreover, modern helmets can be adjusted to fit the head for an optimal fit. Here, we explain how to choose the right helmet and what to consider before making a purchase.

With a CE-marked hockey helmet in the correct size, you minimize the risk of sustaining serious head injuries (young players under 18 years old should also wear a full-face cage that protects the entire face). By comparing your head measurement with the size charts available on product pages, you ensure the helmet is the right size. The head measurement is the same as the circumference of your head, starting just above the eyebrows and taking the longest possible route around the back of the head. At Hockeystore, you can find hockey helmets for children, juniors, intermediates, and seniors – with or without a cage.

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Why the correct size is important

If the helmet is too large or fits loosely, it provides inadequate protection as it can shift out of place, exposing vulnerable areas of the head. Even if you've purchased a helmet in the correct size, you must always adjust it to ensure it fits snugly. On the other hand, if the helmet is too small, it can cause pain due to excessive pressure. Additionally, a too-small helmet offers less protection as it doesn't cover the entire head. 

How to Adjust the Helmet.

When you receive the hockey helmet, you can start by fully opening it before placing it on your head. Note that the front edge of the helmet should sit just above the eyebrows. From there, tighten the helmet so that it sits securely but without pinching and causing discomfort. The exact method of adjustment might vary between different models and brands, but a common feature of today's hockey helmets is that they can be adjusted using only your hands. This is a significant advantage if you need to adjust the helmet on the bench during a game. 

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Which helmet should I choose?

Typically, more advanced helmets offer a better fit and greater adaptability to the shape of the head. The better the helmet fits, the more effective the distribution of pressure will be in the event of impacts to the head due to hits or collisions. For a player who regularly plays ice hockey, this can be a worthwhile investment to optimize both protection and comfort. However, if you only play hockey occasionally, a simpler model might suffice, as long as it is approved, the right size, and sits securely on the head.    

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