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Hockey blog  Choosing the Right Shin Guards for Hockey – A Simple Size Guide

Choosing the Right Shin Guards for Hockey – A Simple Size Guide

It's crucial for shin guards to fit properly in order to protect your knees and legs from impacts and pucks while playing ice hockey. Here, we assist you in selecting the correct size and fit.

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By selecting a pair of shin guards that fit well, you can fully engage in your game without the fear of injuring your shins or knees from hard blows from sticks or flying pucks. Another reason why the correct size is crucial is that shin guards that are too large can actually hinder your skating performance. This is because they extend too far down towards the ankle, making it more difficult to bend your knees and maintain the correct posture while skating. 

We particularly want to emphasize the importance of choosing the correct size for children, as a common mistake is allowing young hockey players to use equipment they will "grow into eventually." Apart from making play more difficult, this can actually increase the risk of injury since the protective gear can more easily shift out of place, exposing vulnerable areas. 

How the shin guards should fit

It's essential that the guard fully encompasses your kneecap and has the appropriate length to shield the upper part of your ankle, as this area is vulnerable when you're in the line of a shot. Modern and more advanced shin guards also provide some protection for the calves. Otherwise, the fit is a matter of personal preference, depending on whether you prefer a narrower shin guard with a snug fit or a more traditional broader one. Those wishing for greater mobility in their gameplay, for instance, might benefit from a tighter fit. By reading the product details on the product page, you can gain a clear understanding of its fit to choose a pair that aligns with your preferences. 

How to Choose the Correct Size for Shin Guards

At Hockeystore, you can find shin guards for children (Yth), juniors (Jr), intermediates (Int), and seniors (Sr), catering to both beginners and elite players. When you click on a shin guard that interests you, you'll be directed to the product page where you can select from various sizes. To ensure you choose the right size, navigate to the "Size Chart" tab, which varies depending on the brand you've selected. If purchasing shin guards from Bauer, measure the distance from the kneecap to the ankle, with the knee bent at 90 degrees. For CCM and Warrior, the process is slightly simpler as you select the size based on your height. Then, compare these measurements in centimeters with the chart and choose the correct size for your shin guards. 

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