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Hockey blog  Best Hockey Stick – Expert Advice Based on Ambition and Level

Best Hockey Stick – Expert Advice Based on Ambition and Level

Which hockey stick you should choose primarily depends on how much you're willing to spend. For a recreational player, a more affordable option might suffice, whereas elite players require a more advanced hockey stick to optimize their shooting and puck control. Here, our expert offers advice on the best hockey sticks based on different needs.

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Choosing a hockey stick

The right stick for you primarily depends on your level of ambition. For beginners, a basic model might suffice, while elite-level players will need a more advanced stick to maximize their on-ice performance. Modern hockey sticks are typically made of composite materials or carbon fiber, making them both lightweight and durable. The most advanced sticks also feature various new technologies to optimize both puck control and shot power. The cheapest hockey sticks are made of wood and are considerably heavier. The more you commit to ice hockey, the more crucial it becomes to choose a hockey stick with the best possible characteristics. 

At Hockeystore, you'll find both affordable and more advanced sticks from established brands such as Bauer, CCM, Warrior, and True. It's crucial to select a hockey stick that fits the right age category, and most models are available for children, juniors, intermediates, and seniors. 

Below, Hockeystore's expert recommends the best sticks based on your level of ambition. We have selected sticks for seniors, but most models are also available for younger players. 


- Best Affordable Hockey Stick -


Bauer träklubba

If you're primarily collecting pucks as an additional coach for the children's youth team or only play a few times a year when the ice freezes, a simple wooden stick may suffice. This model from Bauer is both affordable and easy to cut to the desired length.



- Best hockey sticks for those committed to ice hockey. -

If you're dedicated to ice hockey and play several times a week, you might need a more advanced stick with the latest technology in both the blade and the shaft. Here are suggestions for lightweight hockey sticks of the highest quality that provide an optimal playing experience.

Bauer träklubba

Ever since the first Jetspeed-model was launched by CCM, it has been a consistent favorite among players worldwide, and FT6 Pro is no exception. Thanks to its incredibly low weight and excellent balance, this stick offers the best of both worlds. It's a versatile stick designed for outstanding puck feel and optimal shooting performance. 





Bauer Hockeyklubba Vapor Hyperlite Sr

Bauer Vapor Hyperlite2 is a stick with an incredibly low weight and a low-kick point in the shaft. It's a favorite among players looking for quick and agile shots. 




Bauer Hockeyklubba Nexus Sync Sr

Bauer Nexus Sync is a versatile stick with a pentagonal shaft for optimal ergonomic feel when held. Thanks to the evenly distributed kick point in the shaft, it's ideally suited for all types of shots from various angles and distances. 


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