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Hockey blog  Hockey Goalie Equipment – How to Select the Right Gear as a Goal

Hockey Goalie Equipment: How to Select the Right Gear as a Goalkeeper

As a hockey goalkeeper, you understand the crucial importance of your equipment. Beyond preventing pucks from entering the net, it's crucial to shield yourself from hard pucks, swinging sticks, and sharp skates. We offer our top recommendations to assist you in finding the appropriate goalkeeper gear

Our selection within goaltending equipment.

Goalie skates

Goaltending skates are designed lower than those of players, optimizing lateral mobility for swift and agile movement between the posts. Moreover, they are substantially reinforced in the toe cap, safeguarding against forceful shots targeting the skate's front. Noteworthy attributes of goaltending skates include proficient push-off capabilities and fluid side-to-side transitions. Generally speaking, a higher investment in goaltending skates correlates to enhanced comfort and stability. By referencing the size chart on the product page and comparing to the foot's length in centimeters, one can ascertain the appropriate fit. 

Here you will find goaltending skates for all age groups, sourced from known brands such as CCM, Bauer, and True.

Goalie leg pads

In selecting an appropriate pair of goaltender leg pads, it's essential to determine the correct size. While it might be tempting to opt for larger pads given their more expansive coverage area, this choice can inadvertently compromise your mobility, leading to decreased speed and agility on the ice. To ascertain the appropriate size, with a slightly bent knee, measure from the center of the knee to the floor. A size guide provided on the product page can further assist in making the right choice. Additionally, for those seeking a customized design, MyBAUER offers tailor-made leg pads tailored to individual preferences.   

Here, you will find goaltender leg pads in various sizes from known brands such as Bauer, CCM, and Warrior.

Goalie pants

As a goaltender, it's essential to have a pair of hockey pants that provide superior protection compared to those worn by players. Especially, the front thigh and groin areas are reinforced to withstand hard pucks without causing injury. Furthermore, it's crucial to select goaltender pants of the appropriate size to ensure optimal mobility.

Here you will find goaltender pants from known brands such as CCM, Bauer, and Warrior, catering to children, juniors, intermediates, and seniors. 

Goalie chest & arms

A goaltender's chest protector safeguards critical areas such as the shoulders, chest, collarbone, and ribs, essentially serving as a full upper-body armor. Key attributes of such equipment include its adaptability to fit individual body contours without compromising mobility. Premium chest protectors often employ advanced materials that not only enhance protection but also aid in better puck rebound control, ensuring the puck doesn't deflect as far. 

Here, you will find goaltender chest protectors across various price ranges and sizes, crafted by renowned brands such as Bauer, CCM, and Warrior. 

Goalie blockers

The blocker is worn on the same hand with which you grip the stick and comprises both a glove and a protective component designed to deflect the puck. If you hold the stick in your right hand, this is referred to as "Regular", while "Full right" designates goalkeepers who grip the stick with their left hand. You can make this selection on the product page. The blocker should be as lightweight as possible, allowing swift movement while providing comprehensive protection for the arm, hand, and fingers. It's important that the goaltender's blocker remains steady on the hand and doesn't feel unsteady. Therefore, selecting a properly sized blocker is essential. This can be ensured by opting for a blocker suitable for your level of play, whether that be youth, junior, intermediate, or senior. 

Here, you will find our selection of goalkeeper blockers suitable for children, juniors, intermediates, and seniors. 

Goalie catchers

Goalkeepers who catch with their left hand should opt for a catching glove labeled "Regular," while "Full right" designates those who catch with their right hand. You can make this selection on the product page. Another critical feature of a goalkeeper's catching glove is its ability to open and close quickly and smoothly, ensuring stability and comfort in the hand. If the hand easily slides into the glove and the fingers have a maximum of 1 centimeter to spare, it's likely you've found the appropriate catching glove for you. Contemporary models are generally user-friendly right from the start, but it's beneficial to soften a new glove at home by repeatedly opening and closing it on multiple occasions. Choose a size tailored to skill level and age, and try out the glove at home at your own pace. 

Here you will find our goalkeeper catchers from known brands such as Bauer, CCM, and Warrior.  

Goalie sticks

The determining factor for the size of a goaltender's stick relates to the height at which the shield is positioned, that is, the lower and significantly broader portion of the stick. The shield acts, among other things, as a stopper to ensure your grip on the stick does not slide downward. When you position yourself in the goaltender stance with your new stick in hand, the blade should be perpendicular to the ice. A crucial attribute of goaltending sticks is that they are lightweight while concurrently maintaining sufficient stability to receive and deflect pucks. Consequently, the vast majority of goaltending sticks today are manufactured from lightweight and durable composite material. We offer goaltending sticks for children, juniors, intermediates, and seniors alike.

Here you will find our goaltender sticks from known brands such as CCM, Bauer, and Warrior.  

Goalie mask

The mask must fit securely and comfortably on the head; hence it's essential that it aligns with your head measurements. You can ensure this by measuring the circumference of your head and comparing it with the size charts on the product page. The masks also vary by age and are tailored to the level at which you will be playing. If you are under 18, you must wear a goaltender helmet with a certified and approved cage.

Here, you will find goaltender masks for children, juniors, and seniors, sourced from known brands such as CCM, Bauer, and Warrior.

Goalie Accessories

Additionally, it is essential to have knee guards, neck protectors, and a jockstrap specifically designed for goaltenders. A padded goaltender base layer is also recommended to ensure optimal protection. 

Here you will find all our accessories for a comprehensive goaltender equipment set.

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