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MyBauer Skates

MyBauer skates are for those who are looking for the absolutely perfect fit on their skates. Do you have trouble finding skates that fit perfectly on your feet or do you have different sizes of feet. With the help of our Bauer 3D scanner, we can help you create skates according to your wishes and requirements. We make MyBauer skates in our stores in Jönköping and Karlstad.

3D Skate Lab - Step into the Future

Bauer's 3D scanner uses scientifically tested algorithms to scan your feet. Using the results, it then tries to figure out which skate the player prefers. Testing skates is done in 3 steps:

  • Scan, it takes a few seconds for the Bauer 3D Skate Lab to scan your feet.
  • Analyze, after scanning it sees the exact length, width, heel depth and more of your feet. We analyze your results to see what your feet look like and develop a skate that fits you.
  • Test, the last step is to try the skate on your feet so you can feel how it feels.

To make a custom skate or MyBauer skate, your results from the scan are used to make a skate just for you. Come into our stores and our hockey experts will help you.

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