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Hockey blog  Extend Hockey Stick - Step by Step Guide

Extend Hockey Stick - Step by Step Guide

Have you outgrown your favorite stick? Or do you feel that you need some extra reach to reach your full potential on the ice? Here we explain step by step how to extend your hockey stick and what tools and accessories you need to succeed.

Today's hockey sticks are usually made of lightweight and hollow composite material. At the top of the shaft, there is a small plug that can be relatively easily removed if you want to extend your hockey stick. But it's not quite as simple as pushing in the extension and continuing to play. To do it the right way, you need to have access to a knife and a heat gun, or alternatively, a hair dryer, which heats up the glue on the extension. After you have extended the stick, you might also want to saw off a piece to get the perfect length, and finally, you can tape your new knob at the top of the shaft. Below, we explain each step in more detail.


Step 1. Buy an extension that fits your stick

Depending on the thickness of the shaft of your stick, you should choose a shaft extension that fits that size. Just like our sticks, we have extensions for children, juniors, intermediates, and seniors. If you play with a junior stick, it is therefore important to also choose an extension for junior sticks. Furthermore, different manufacturers and models have different properties when it comes to factors such as flex and stiffness. Therefore, it is optimal to choose an extension that is also manufactured for the specific series or club model that you play with. It is also possible to buy an extension in a different material than the stick, such as wood, since the limited part that is extended does not need to significantly affect the entire stick's properties.

This composite extender with grip surface fits senior and intermediate hockey sticks and is specially designed for the Bauer Vapor series.

BUY HERE: Bauer Composite Extender Vapor Senior

This wooden extension from CCM fits all junior hockey sticks and is a cheap and convenient solution to continue playing with your favorite stick, even when you've outgrown it.

BUY HERE: CCM Wooden Extension Junior

Step 2: Remove the plug at the end of the shaft

If you have a brand new stick, you can easily remove the plug by gently prying with a blade-shaped object, such as a knife. If you are extending a stick that has a knob and grip tape wrapped at the end of the shaft, you must first remove all the tape to access the plug. A knife is also the best tool for this.

Step 3: Heat up the extension with a heat gun or hair dryer

Before inserting the extension into the shaft, you must heat up the glue that has been applied to the narrower part of the extension. You can do this with a heat gun or a hair dryer, although the latter takes a bit longer. If you are using a heat gun, we recommend starting to shoot the heat with some inches of distance not to overheat the glue or the material. Make sure you provide an even heat on all sides by keeping the gun or the extension in constant movement. When you see that the glue has become completely transparent, it is highly likely to be warm enough for you to insert the extension into the stick. You can also shoot a little heat towards the opening of the stick shaft for a smoother insertion as possible.

Step 4: Tape the new knob

When you are satisfied with the length of the stick, it is time to fix a new knob for maximum feel and performance. Exactly how to tape is often a matter of taste and there are many different approaches to take. But for an optimal knob with an optimal grip, you should use a so-called hockey tape - a durable fabric tape that you wrap several turns at the end of the shaft. In addition, this tape can be twisted and wrapped around the stick with a few centimeters of space a few inches downward along the shaft. This creates a structure that prevents the glove from slipping when you hold the stick. By finishing with taping a few turns with grip tape, you create good conditions for holding onto the stick in all situations.

This durable and strongly adhesive fabric tape is ideal for taping both the knob and blade of your hockey stick.

BUY HERE: Howies Hockey Tape Premium Tape Narrow

Powerflex Grip Tape provides a good grip on the hockey stick handle and can be easily applied over the hockey tape at the end of the shaft where you hold the stick. You can choose the tape in six different colors.

BUY HERE: Powerflex Hockey Tape Griffband Blau

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