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Hockey blog  At what age can children start playing hockey?

At what age can children start playing hockey?

Determining the right age for children to step onto the hockey rink can be challenging. However, with the proper equipment and the right coaching, there are ample opportunities to start early. Here, we assist you, the prospective hockey parent, in making the best decision!

Sport is a remarkable tool for promoting children's physical development and self-esteem. Not to mention the social aspects and the sense of belonging that comes with being part of a team. Ice hockey serves as an excellent example of this, and under the right conditions, with proper organization and leadership, it can provide your children with positive memories and experiences they'll carry with them throughout their lives. 

Many wonder at what age one can start playing ice hockey. In response to that question, there really are no limits as long as the children can stand up and hold a stick. However, it's essential to begin with the right approach and for the right reasons – that is, to skate purely for the sheer joy of it.

It starts with skates 

Many often say that some kids are born with skates on, and while that might seem incredible to an adult beginner, it's not at all surprising to see a little toddler completely dominating the ice. Children pick up most things quickly, and ice skating is no exception. In Swedish skating schools, the recommended minimum age is around 3 years, but it's perfectly fine to let children try it out at home even before that age.

Begin Playing Hockey

Once children can skate, there's nothing stopping them from starting to play ice hockey if they wish. Of course, we're not talking about full-on body checks; at this stage, it's primarily about having fun. Hockey schools typically consist of kids between the ages of 5 and 8, and after that, they're ready to transition to a regular team. From this point on, if one doesn't possess the basic skating skills, it can be challenging to keep up — skating being the most crucial skill for a hockey player. There's a high likelihood that a young player who begins without learning to skate might lose interest quickly. Acquiring these skills can be done either through organized lessons or informally with friends and family. 

Hockey Equipment for Children

While ice hockey is a fairly rugged contact sport with sharp skate blades and swinging sticks, it's actually quite gentle on the body. This is primarily due to the mandatory protective gear that makes the sport safe and secure for all players. A helmet with a face cage is a must, and the rest of the hockey gear includes neck guards, elbow pads, shoulder pads, hockey pants, gloves, jockstrap, and shin guards. It's crucial to ensure that children use equipment specifically designed for their age group. Over-sized protective gear that slips out of place can become a safety hazard, leading to unnecessary injuries. At Hockeystore, we offer a wide range of skates, sticks, and protective equipment tailored for our youngest players.

Here you will find protective gear and starter kits for children beginning to play ice hockey

Hockey protective gear for children

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