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Prosharp is a leading manufacturer of skate sharpening machines. Their products are known for their high quality and efficiency, as well as ease of use. Prosharp offers a range of different models to fit different needs, including professional machines for professionals and smaller, portable units for home use. All Prosharp sharpening machines are equipped with advanced techniques to ensure a smooth and accurate sharpening every time. So if you're looking for a reliable and efficient solution to keep your skates in top condition, you should definitely take a look at Prosharp.

ProSharp Fork Hone
€ 13,50
Bauer Skates Stone
€ 14,41
Prosharp Pencil
€ 8,97
Prosharp Sharpening Machine AS 2001
€ 9 697,36
Out of stock
Prosharp Sharpening Machine SKATEPAL
€ 3 897,01
Out of stock
Prosharp Sharpening Machine AS 1001
€ 7 431,60
Out of stock
Prosharp Vacuum Cleaner
€ 724,95
Out of stock
Prosharp Sharpening Machine SKATEPAL LONG
€ 3 987,64
Out of stock
Prosharp Workstation SkatePal Pro 3
€ 1 268,73
Out of stock
Prosharp Abrasion Protection Round
€ 31,63
Out of stock
Prosharp Blade Oil
€ 22,56
Out of stock
Prosharp Workstation AS2001 ALLPRO-Series
€ 4 531,42
Out of stock
Prosharp Skating Scale
€ 1 812,51
Out of stock

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