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Hockey blog  Changing the blade on skates – here's how

Changing the blade on skates – here's how

Today you can swiftly and effortlessly change the blade of your skates, including the blade holder, whenever necessary. Here we explain why, when and and how you as a hockey player should replace the blade on your skates.

Here you will find all of our blades and holders.

A hockey skate consists of a boot, a blade holder, and a steel blade, which is attached to the holder. All these parts can be separated from each other, allowing you to replace both the holder and the steel blade as needed. This means you can quickly upgrade the lower parts of your skate if they break, wear out, or if you simply wish to try something new to optimize your skating experience. Note that different brands have their own holders and steel blades specifically designed for their models. 

How to Choose the Right Blade Holder and Blade for Your Skate

It's crucial that the blade holder you purchase is the correct size to fit your skates. You can ensure this by comparing the size of your skates with the size chart available on the product page for each blade holder. Moreover, you need to make sure you buy a blade holder for the left skate and one for the right skate. This selection can also be made on the product page. 

When it comes to the blade (runner), it's equally important that it fits the holder it will be attached to. Just as with the holder, you can reference the size of the skate and compare it with the size chart available on the product page. To be entirely certain, you can also look at the number (size) printed on the runner of your existing blades.  

Why should you replace the skate blade?

There are primarily two reasons you might want to replace the blade on your skates. The first reason is that the steel has worn down due to repeated sharpenings. As a guideline, it's commonly said that when the steel is thinner than 10 mm in the center of the blade, it's time for a replacement. Another reason for replacement might be that you simply want to upgrade your skate with a new blade, which may be more advanced and better tailored to your skating style. Beyond the inherent quality of the material, more expensive steel is typically better sharpened, resulting in better glide and more effective "bite" on the ice. 

Suggestions for Advanced Blades and Holders from Bauer and CCM.

– for those looking to optimize their ice skating performance.

CCM Steel XS Step Blacksteel
€ 135,85
€ 172,10

Recommendations for a basic blade and holder – from Bauer and CCM respectively.

CCM Holder Speedblade XS
€ 30,72
€ 49,75

How do you replace a blade? 

How you replace the blade on your skates depends on the specific skate you have, as it varies between different brands and models. However, over the years, it has become simpler, and changing a blade on modern skates from brands such as CCM, Bauer, or Warrior can take as little as 30-40 seconds. On older models, you might need a screwdriver to loosen a nut in order to detach the blade from its holder.  

How often should you replace the blade? 

The more you sharpen your skates, the faster the steel wears down. This means that elite players who sharpen their skates several times a week may need to replace their blades more regularly, possibly once a season. However, if you only play ice hockey a few times a year, you can use the same blade for as long as the skates last. 

Our selection of skate blades and holders.

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