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Hockey blog  Hockey Glove Size Guide – Selecting the Right Size for Your Glov

Hockey Glove Size Guide – Selecting the Right Size for Your Gloves

It's essential for gloves to fit correctly to ensure optimal grip and fit. You can guarantee this by selecting a pair of hockey gloves from the appropriate category based on your age and skill level. Here, we provide our top recommendations to help you find the perfect pair of gloves tailored to your needs.

With the correct size of hockey gloves, you gain a superior grip on the stick, enhancing your game feel and puck control. To assist you in selecting the perfect pair of hockey gloves, we've categorized them into four distinct groups: youth, junior, intermediate, and senior. Some of our gloves also feature a size chart on the product page, allowing you to compare the glove's size to your hand dimensions. You can do this by measuring the distance from the tip of your middle finger down to the base of your palm, right where the wrist begins. Ensure your hand is fully extended when measuring.

Here you will find our entire collection of hockey gloves for youth, juniors, intermediates, and seniors. 

How hockey gloves should fit.

The simple answer is that hockey gloves should neither be too tight nor too loose. A pair that's too large can feel cumbersome and might even fall off during play, while a pair that's too small can be painful and negatively impact game feel and puck control. To some extent, this is a matter of personal preference, as some players opt for a snugger fit while others prefer them a bit more relaxed. Note that gloves will soften over time, and they might initially feel a bit tight and rigid only to become more supple with continued use. 

When putting on the gloves, there should be a slight gap between your fingertips and the glove to avoid potential impacts to the fingertips. Additionally, the seam at the top of the glove's cuff should align with your wrist, allowing for unhindered wrist movement. Another essential aspect is that the glove should extend all the way to where the elbow pad ends, ensuring comprehensive protection for the forearm.

Which hockey gloves should I choose? 

A more advanced glove provides better contact with the stick due to its enhanced mobility. Moreover, they typically offer greater protective capabilities and are crafted from more durable materials. For a player who uses the gloves regularly and wishes to optimize their performance on the ice, investing in a pair of hockey gloves in the higher price range might be a wise decision. On the other hand, for a player who doesn't play very frequently, a pair of gloves in the lower price range might suffice. 


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