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Hockey blog  Choosing a catching glove the comprehensive guide

Choosing a catching glove – the comprehensive guide

For hockey goalies, the catching glove is an invaluable piece of equipment. But how do you find a glove that fits? And what should you consider before making a purchase? Here's the comprehensive guide for those in search of the perfect goalie catching glove.

Here you'll find our catching gloves for all ages from CCM, Bauer, and Warrior


Catching Glove – Right or Left?

First and foremost, you need to decide which hand you want to catch with. The vast majority of right-handed goaltenders choose "regular", which means the catching glove is worn on the left hand. This is so they can use their right hand to deflect pucks with the goalie stick. If you are left-handed, or for some other reason prefer to catch with your right hand, you should opt for a catching glove labeled as "full right". At Hockeystore, you can choose between "full right" and "regular" on the product page before ordering your glove.  


Differences Between Various Catching Gloves 

What differentiates various catching gloves includes factors like the catch angle they possess. Depending on the angle of the glove, its characteristics differ. For instance, some gloves close by a "pinching" motion (like an angle of 580), while others have a more open design and close using the entire hand (such as an angle of 600). Moreover, the angle affects how easily the puck is retained in the glove and how the stick is gripped. Which angle is best suited for you is a matter of personal preference.

The primary difference between basic models and more advanced catching gloves is the level of protection they provide to the hand and forearm. Beyond that, it's mainly the weight and fit that distinguish different models. Generally, the more advanced the catching glove, the lighter and more agile it tends to be in gameplay.


How to Ensure Your Catching Glove Fits Properly

We have categorized our goalie catching gloves into four different sizes: youth, junior, intermediate, and senior. Select a catching glove from the category that best matches the age of the person who will be using it. Once you receive your glove, you can try it on at home. Adjust and fasten it using the provided straps to ensure it fits stably and comfortably on your hand. There should not be more than a 1 cm gap beyond the fingertips. While most goalie catching gloves today are ready for use straight away, it's beneficial to soften them by repeatedly opening and closing before playing in an actual game. 


Catching Glove for Youth

Since children have smaller hands, catching gloves for kids are consequently also smaller in size. At Hockeystore, you can find goalie catching gloves designed for the very youngest, possessing the same excellent features as the corresponding models for older players.

Catching Glove for Youth

TRUE Catch Glove Catalyst 7X3 Sr Black
€ 233,14
€ 333,10
TRUE Catch Glove Catalyst 7X3 Sr White
€ 233,14
€ 333,10

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