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Hockey blog  Skates for children – How to choose the right size and fit

Skates for children – How to choose the right size and fit

For growing children, it's acceptable to buy skates that are a size larger. However, it becomes even more crucial to ensure the skates have the right fit and don't chafe or cause pain and discomfort. We offer our best advice for selecting skates for children.

Here you'll find all skates for children

Purchasing skates to grow into

To create the best possible ice hockey experience, it is invaluable to have equipment that is both comfortable and secure, and this is particularly true for skates. Therefore, it's important to choose a pair that are both comfortable to skate in and provide good stability for the foot and ankle. A common mistake when buying skates for children is to opt for a size that's too large, thinking they'll grow into them. However, the issue with oversized skates is that the foot moves inside them, which can lead to blisters and even ankle injuries. Moreover, skating becomes significantly more difficult if the skates are excessively large. Therefore, we recommend choosing skates that are at most one size larger than usual. This provides room for an extra pair of socks, and ideally, they can use the same skates for the entire season, or even into the next one. 

The more experience, the more advanced the skates

Of course, it may seem unjustified to purchase expensive skates for a child who has never played ice hockey before. In these cases, a less expensive model, softer in its construction, may suffice and provide the child with a genuine opportunity to become a proficient skater. The more experience the child gains, the greater the benefits of a more advanced pair of skates with improved stability. An experienced or more solidly built skater can indeed harness more power in their stride with a pair of stiffer skates. 

Try the skates at home

Use the size chart on the product page to choose the correct size. Once the child has received their new skates, they should primarily ensure that they fit comfortably. By standing up with the skates on, the child can feel for themselves if they are wide enough (feet tend to widen slightly when standing). The skate should securely grip the heel without causing pain. Also, ensure the child can wiggle their toes and that they are not pinched at the front or sides.

Skates for children Bauer

Bauer Skates Supreme M5 Pro Yth
€ 179,93
€ 209,34
Bauer Skates Supreme M4 Yth
€ 113,29
€ 142,70

Skates for children CCM

CCM Skates Tacks AS 550 Yth
€ 51,84
€ 60,49
CCM Skates Tacks AS 580 Yth
€ 86,45
€ 129,72

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