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Hockey blog  Selecting Goalie Skates – Our Top Tips for Your Purchase

Selecting Goalie Skates – Our Top Tips for Your Purchase

A pair of hockey goalie skates should both protect your feet and facilitate quick movements between the posts. Here, we provide our top tips for your purchase and suggestions for suitable models based on your level and age.

Here you will find all our goaltender skates.

As a hockey goaltender, you understand the importance of equipment that is both comfortable and allows for full mobility. Moreover, it should protect you from all potential risks associated with standing in the goal. Goaltender skates are no exception. Besides shielding your feet from hard shots or strikes, they should also enable swift movements in all directions on the ice. At Hockeystore, you can find goaltender skates from leading brands such as True, Bauer, and CCM.

Difference between goalie skates and other skates

Goalie skates are lower than outfield players' skates, providing better lateral mobility, allowing the goaltender to move quickly and smoothly between the posts. Additionally, they are heavily reinforced in the toe cap to protect against hard shots hitting the front of the skate. 

Goalie Skate Size Guide

In our selection, we have categorized the goalie skates into four different age groups: children, junior, intermediate, and senior. Choose a skate from the appropriate category and then refer to the size chart on the product page. To find the correct size, compare the length of your foot in centimeters with the chart. If you're purchasing goalie skates for a child, consider choosing a size that's at most one size larger than the child's regular size. This provides a skate that fits well but also allows some room for growth. 

Below, you can navigate through all the skates across various age categories (ranging from affordable skates for beginners to advanced models for elite-level hockey goalies). Further down, we recommend a cost-effective and popular goalie skate for each level. 

Here you will find all our goalie skates for children

Here you will find all our goalie skates for junior

Here you will find all our goalie skates for intermediate

Here you will find all our goalie skates for seniorer



Bauer målvaktsskridskor

Bauer målvaktsskridskor – barn

Bauer GSX goalie skates are designed for amateur goalkeepers or those at a beginner level. They combine features from the Vapor and Supreme series. The skates are flexible and mobile at the top, but stable closer to the ice, facilitating powerful lateral movements. The foot's position is held steady thanks to grip surfaces and an asymmetrical toe-cap, enhancing comfort.





CCM Målvaktsskridskor

CCM målvaktsskridskor – junior 

CCM Goalie Skate Eflex 6.5 Jr is another highly cost-effective goalie skate, crafted with a focus on a combination of support, speed, durability, and optimal backing for beginner goalkeepers. It features a felt-lined tongue and XSG holder. 





TRUE Målvaktsskridskor

TRUE målvaktsskridskor – Intermediate

TRUE Goalie Skate TF7 Int offers a unique fit thanks to its fully molded fiberglass boot. Once heated, it conforms to your feet like no other skate on the market. It is suitable for both beginners and elite-level hockey goalkeepers. 





Bauer målvaktsskridskor

Bauer målvaktsskridskor – senior 

Bauer Pro Goal goalie skate is an elite-level skate featuring a new FIT system that combines the best of the Vapor and Supreme series. It boasts a 3D composite frame named CARBON CURV, offering flexibility and mobility at the top, and stability at the base. This combination facilitates powerful pushes and lateral movements. The fit is more anatomical, reducing chafing, and the skate has enhanced durability with PRO LACES. The inner lining is soft and lightweight due to AEROFOAM PRO and HYPERSENSE, and an asymmetrical toe-cap ensures the foot remains securely in place. It's available for both senior and intermediate players.



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