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Hockey blog  Shoulder Pads for Hockey – Our Top Tips Before Purchase

Shoulder Pads for Hockey – Our Top Tips Before Purchase

A shoulder pad, or shoulder guard, protects the shoulders, upper arms, chest, and collarbones without compromising mobility while playing ice hockey. We offer shoulder pads for children, juniors, and seniors, from brands like Bauer, CCM, and Warrior. Here are our top tips for your purchase!

Here you'll find all our shoulder pads/guards

Shoulder pads for hockey are typically put on over the head and primarily consist of two shoulder caps that protect the shoulders and upper arms. Additionally, there are reinforcements over the chest that shield your ribs, as well as over the shoulders and upper back.

It's essential that the shoulder pads fit snugly against the shoulders and cover the entire chest. You can adjust the fit yourself using the straps that extend from the back and fasten to the front with Velcro. Additionally, there are similar straps that tighten around the biceps to ensure the protection stays firmly on the upper arms. 

Modern shoulder pads are considerably more streamlined and not as bulky as they used to be, with slim shoulder caps allowing for complete mobility. At Hockeystore, you can find shoulder pads from brands like CCM, Bauer, and Warrior – available in various sizes and suited for different levels.

Size Guide for Shoulder Pads from CCM, Bauer, and Warrior

If you are uncertain about which size fits you best, you can compare the circumference of your chest with the size chart provided on the product page. Please note that you should measure as high up on the chest as possible (under the arms), where it is widest.  

Bauer shoulder pads

CCM shoulder pads

CCM Shoulder Pad Jetspeed FT6 Sr
€ 144,91
€ 153,98
CCM Shoulder Pad Next Jr
€ 45,22
€ 49,75
CCM Shoulder Pad Jetspeed 680 Sr
€ 90,54
€ 99,60
CCM Shoulder Pad Next Sr
€ 55,20
€ 58,81

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