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Hockey blog  Street Hockey: What's Included in a Complete Gear Set

Street Hockey: What's Included in a Complete Gear Set

Given that street hockey is typically played on asphalt or concrete, you'll need inline skates instead of ice skates. Additionally, there are several products and accessories specifically tailored for this activity. Here, we provide our top recommendations for a complete inline hockey gear set!

Street hockey, also known as "inline hockey", is not only incredibly fun – it's also a golden opportunity for ice hockey players to practice even when the ice has melted. Originating in North America, this sport has evolved from being an unorganized and spontaneous activity to hosting its own tournaments and championships. Along with this evolution, the equipment has also advanced, making the sport increasingly fast-paced and closely resembling traditional ice hockey. At Hockeystore, you'll find a range of products and accessories – catering both to those who want the very best and those satisfied with more basic gear. 

Roller hockey skates for street hockey

When it comes to roller skates, there are models suitable for everyone from beginners to elite players, and from children to adults. We offer a wide range of hockey roller skates from established brands such as Bauer and CCM. The most advanced roller skates are produced by Marsblade, which has successfully replicated the sensation you get when gliding on a pair of real ice skates. 

Our roller skates for street hockey

Bauer Inlines RH RS Sr.
€ 108,66
€ 144,91
Bauer Inlines RH RS Jr.
€ 113,19
€ 135,85
Bauer Inline Skates Vapor X3.5 Jr
€ 153,98
€ 190,23
Bauer Inlines RH RS Yth.
€ 114,11
€ 126,79

Stick for street hockey.

When it comes to street hockey sticks, using a regular hockey stick works perfectly fine. We have sticks suitable for children, juniors, intermediates, and seniors. Many opt to use a different, simpler, and less expensive stick when playing "inline hockey." This is because the hard and sometimes uneven surface of street hockey tends to wear out the blade more than playing on ice. In this way, you can save your best stick for the official hockey season. 

Our hockey sticks


Puck or ball when playing street hockey?

The answer is simple. You can choose either option, or why not both? One thing is certain: the ball rolls better than the puck. Additionally, our street hockey balls from Bauer are designed to be visible even in the dark, making it easy to play well into the evening. On the other hand, a street hockey puck is preferable if you want to hone your stick technique in preparation for the ice hockey season.

Pucks, Balls, and Goals for Street Hockey.


Use standard hockey protective gear

While street hockey may not be as intense as ice hockey, and you certainly avoid the risks associated with sharp ice skate blades, there's still a reason to adequately protect yourself. Naturally, a helmet is obligatory, and you should also wear both gloves and shin guards. These protections are the same as when playing ice hockey, so there's no need to buy new ones if you already own them. However, you might find it comfortable to wear an inline girdle instead of hockey pants. These offer good protection for the hips, thighs, and tailbone, while being lighter and more agile than the pants worn in ice hockey. 

Our hockey protective gear      Our roller hockey girdles


Street hockey as a goaltender

As a goaltender, you can use the same protective gear for street hockey as you do for ice hockey. However, if you plan to play on asphalt, keep in mind that both leg pads, catching gloves, and goalie blockers will wear out much faster than on ice. Therefore, it might be wise to use your old protective gear for street hockey and invest in a fresh set for the ice hockey season. Alternatively, consider getting a simpler and more affordable goaltender set solely for street hockey. 

Our selection of goaltender equipment for hockey


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