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Hockey blog  Bake skates in the oven: How to mold the skates to fit your feet

Bake skates in the oven: How to mold the skates to fit your feet.

Baking skates in the oven is an effective way to mold them to your feet for an optimal fit. However, there are several reasons why you shouldn't use your regular oven at home. Here are our top tips for baking your skates the right way

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In principle, almost all new skates can be heated up and molded to fit the foot, although simpler and less expensive models often lack sufficient padding and material in the skate for heating to have any significant effect. When you heat up the skate, it becomes softer in its structure, which also makes it malleable. Shortly after heating them, you should lace them onto your feet and let them sit for approximately 20 minutes to achieve an optimal fit.  

Do not bake the skates in a conventional oven

Since different models and brands vary in terms of materials and characteristics, we strongly advise against heating a pair of new skates at home in a conventional oven – especially if they are brand new. There's a risk that the skates may lose their structure or even break. The warranty provided with the skates will not cover damages if they've been heated in a household oven. Skates should be heated in a specialized skate oven. 

Bake your skates at Hockeystore for an optimal fit

At Hockeystore, we have the expertise and equipment to ensure that the heating and molding processes are done correctly. The result is that you achieve an optimal fit without compromising the quality of the skate. If you purchase skates from us, we carry out the procedure in our stores – at no additional cost.


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