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Hockey blog  Goalie Equipment for Youth Hockey – How to Choose the Right Prot

Goalie Equipment for Youth Hockey – How to Choose the Right Protection

In ice hockey, the equipment for a goaltender is invaluable. For children, there are tailored protective gear and accessories in the appropriate size to safeguard against hard pucks, swinging sticks, and sharp skates. Here, we introduce all the various components of a comprehensive youth goaltender's equipment and provide guidance on what to consider before making a purchase.

Youth Goaltender Mask

The mask should fit both securely and comfortably on the head, and therefore, it's crucial to ensure the right size. This can be determined by measuring the circumference of the head and comparing it with the size chart on the product page. Children under 18 years must have a goaltender helmet with a certified and approved cage.

Here you can find approved and certified goaltender masks tailored for children.

Goaltender leg pads for children

Goalie leg pads for children are smaller and designed to be easy to put on and take off. Since it's crucial for goalies to move quickly and fluidly, it's beneficial to have leg pads that are lightweight while still providing comprehensive protection. One might think that larger leg pads are better because they cover a larger area, but in reality, they can hinder goalie performance due to their negative impact on mobility. To determine the appropriate size for the child, you can measure the distance from the center of the knee to the floor with slightly bent knees, replicating the standard goalie stance. Then, compare this measurement with the size guide found on the product page. 

Here you'll find goalie leg pads for children

Goalie skates for children

Goalie skates are lower than player skates, providing enhanced lateral mobility, allowing the goalie to quickly and smoothly move between the posts. Additionally, they are heavily reinforced in the toe box to protect against hard shots hitting the front of the skate. We offer a variety of children's goalie skates from established brands. By referencing the size chart on the product page, you can find the correct size by comparing it to the length of the child's foot in centimeters. It's advisable to purchase skates no more than one size larger than the child's regular size. This ensures a good fit while also providing some room for growing feet.

Here you will find goalie skates in sizes suitable for children 

Goalie pants for children

In ice hockey, as a goalie, you need a pair of hockey pants that offer significantly more protection than those worn by outfield players. It's primarily the front thighs and groin area that are reinforced, as they need to withstand hard pucks without the risk of injury. For children, it's crucial to choose goalie pants that are appropriately sized. Pants that are too large can impede mobility, making it challenging to move swiftly and smoothly on the ice. 

Here you'll find goalie pants tailored for children 

Goalie chest protector for children

A goalie chest protector shields areas such as the shoulders, chest, collarbone, and ribs, and can best be described as a body armor for the entire upper body. Key features for a chest protector include adjustability to fit the body shape and ensuring it does not restrict mobility. It's also crucial to choose the correct size for optimal protection and movement. Therefore, we have curated a selection of goalie chest protectors specifically designed for children. 

Here you'll find our selection of goalie chest protectors for children

Goaltender blocker for children

The blocker is worn on the same hand in which you hold the stick and consists of a glove and a protective pad designed to deflect the puck. If you hold the stick in your right hand, this is referred to as "Regular", while "Full Right" is the term for goaltenders who hold the stick in their left hand. This selection can be made on the product page. The blocker should be as light as possible to ensure swift movements to where you need it. Moreover, it protects the arm, hand, and fingers. To ensure the blocker doesn't feel wobbly on the hand, choosing the right size is crucial. Therefore, we offer a special range of smaller blockers tailored for children. 

Here you will find our selected blockers for children

Goalie Catcher for Children

For goalies who catch with their left hand, select a goalie catcher labeled as “Regular,” while “Full right” is the designation for goalies who catch with their right hand. This selection is made on the product page. Other essential features of a goalie catcher are its ability to open and close swiftly and smoothly and its stable and comfortable fit in the hand. If the hand easily slides into the catcher glove and the fingers have up to 1 centimeter of space, there's a good chance you've found the right catcher for you. Today's models are generally easy to use right from the start, but it doesn't hurt to soften up a new catcher glove at home by repeatedly opening and closing it on several occasions. Choose a size tailored for children. 

Here, you can find a goalie catcher tailored for children 

Goalie stick for children

A crucial characteristic of goalie sticks is that they are relatively light, yet sturdy enough to both handle hard shots and deflect pucks in front of the net. What primarily determines the size of a goalie stick is the height of the paddle, which is the lower and significantly broader part of the stick. The paddle serves, among other things, as a stopper to prevent your grip from sliding down. When you stand in the goalie position with your new stick in hand, the blade should be perpendicular to the ice. We offer goalie sticks tailored for younger players in our junior range. 

Here you'll find our selection of goalie sticks for children and juniors  

Additional accessories for a comprehensive goalie equipment set for children

Additionally, you'll need knee pads, neck guards, and a jockstrap for a complete goalie equipment set. Just like other protective gear, it's essential that they fit well and sit comfortably without hindering mobility 

Here, you'll find all our accessories for a complete goalie equipment set


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