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Hockey blog  Neck Guard Shirt – a base layer with integrated neck protection.

Neck Guard Shirt – a base layer with integrated neck protection

Base layers with integrated neck protection are a smart solution to always safeguard the neck from sharp ice skate blades when playing ice hockey. We offer neck guard shirts for children, juniors, and seniors – from established brands like Bauer and CCM.

Neck guards are mandatory protection that minimize the risk of severe injuries, especially due to sharp blades. Traditional neck guards are standalone from the rest of the equipment and must be put on before each game or practice at the hockey rink. This can lead to a potential risk of the guard being forgotten, or even lost, during changing and storage. Nowadays, there are base layers with integrated Kevlar neck guards built into the shirt. Not only can you be assured that your neck is always protected when playing, but you can also enjoy greater comfort with less chafing. At Hockeystore, you can find base layers with integrated neck protection for all ages.

How to Find a Neck Guard Shirt that Fits

Choose a base layer shirt that corresponds to the level you play at (child, junior, or senior). On the product page, you can then compare your total body height as well as the circumference around the chest, waist, and hips with the size chart to select the right size (ranging from XXS to XL). The neck guard shirts can be adjusted at the neck using Velcro straps. Note that measurements and sizes may vary between different brands.

Neck Guard Shirt for Goalkeepers

Goalkeepers require more robust protective gear than outfield players since they are exposed to greater risks on the ice hockey rink. This also applies to neck guards, and that's why there are special goalkeeper neck guard shirts with additional protection for the chest and collarbone.

This goalkeeper neck guard shirt is designed for juniors and features a soft padded collar with additional protection for the chest and collarbone.









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