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Hockey blog  Intermediate Hockey Stick - For Players between Junior and Senio

Intermediate Hockey Stick - For Players between Junior and Senior

Intermediate players typically include players between about 12 and 16 years old. They usually play with a full-size blade and shaft, while the flex and length of the stick are still lower than for seniors. We can help you find the right intermediate hockey stick.

To shoot, pass, and dribble as you want, it's important to have a hockey stick that is correctly adjusted to your circumstances. The characteristics of the hockey stick must match your body type, playing style, and taste, and based on this, we divide the sticks into different categories. For intermediate players, that is players between junior and senior, there is a wide range of sticks from different quality brands. Here we present three favorites.

1.      Warrior Hockeyklubba Alpha DX Int.

This intermediate hockey stick from Warrior gives you fantastic puck control and the ability to shoot quick shots from all possible angles.

BUY HERE: Warrior Hockey Stick Alpha DX Int.

2.     Bauer S18 Nexus 2N Pro Grip Stick Int.

One of Bauer's outstanding sticks, the 2N, is manufactured with the new R-Lite Blade System which means maximum puck control and response in the stick blade. Additionally, the stick provides the ability to shoot both hard and accurately with the least possible effort.

BUY HERE: Bauer S18 Nexus Pro Grip Stick Int.


3.     CCM Super Tacks AS4 Pro Int.

A perfected hockey stick that provides an amazing feel with the puck - both when it comes to shooting and other puck handling. Suitable for players who want extra stiffness in the blade.

BUY HERE: CCM Super Tacks AS4 Pro Int.

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