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Hockey blog  Base Layer for Hockey – The premier choices for the dedicated ic

Base Layer for Hockey – The premier choices for the dedicated ice hockey player

When engaging in ice hockey, you require a base layer that provides both comfort and keeps you dry while maintaining an optimal temperature. We offer shirts, trousers, and hockey socks crafted from functional materials with thermoregulatory properties – suitable for all ages and skill levels. Here, we provide recommendations for comfortable garments to wear beneath your hockey gear.

Ice hockey is an intense sport where you oscillate between active moments on the ice and rest in the substitution box. This means that there are intervals where you might perspire heavily, only to then sit still and recover. To maintain a consistent body temperature, it's essential to have a base layer that efficiently wicks away excess moisture while keeping you sufficiently warm to prevent chilling. Moreover, the base layer should be comfortable, eliminating any discomfort from seams or poor fit. At Hockeystore, you'll find performance apparel including base layer shirts, trousers, and socks for all levels and ages. They are suitable for wearing beneath your hockey gear as well as during off-ice training sessions.

Here you will find our complete selection of base layers and performance apparel for ice hockey

Base layer sweaters

We offer base layer shirts in both women's and men's models, available with or without sleeves. They are crafted from high-performance materials, and by referencing the size chart on the product page, you can ensure the perfect fit. Our range includes base layer shirts for children, juniors, and adults.

Bauer underställströja

This base layer shirt for children from Bauer is crafted from 100% polyester and features a slightly relaxed fit. The Sanitized® technology combats bacteria responsible for unpleasant odors.



Here you will find our entire collection of base layer shirts.


Base layer pants for hockey

Our base layer pants are typically made from 100 percent polyester and are available both as shorts and long pants. They wick away excess moisture and sweat, and with a snug fit, you can avoid chafing beneath your gear. Bauer's Core 1.0 series of base layer pants consists of shorts and trousers designed to offer tailored support for movements during ice hockey play. They provide a comfortable compression and stability to the lower back, pelvis, hips, and groin. 


Bauer underställsbyxor



Here you will find our entire collection of base layer pants. 


Hockey skate socks

We offer hockey socks in polyester, cotton, and bamboo, with sizes suitable for everyone from children to senior players. Compare your size with the size chart available on the product page to select a pair that fits. Key characteristics of hockey socks are their snug fit and their fabrication from moisture-wicking materials. Our more advanced socks are made of polyester, providing both compression and ankle support, enhancing comfort and potentially elevating your performance during play. 


The Bauer Performance Sock Tall is equipped with Coolmax material, known for its breathability, and offers both compression and ankle support. It incorporates Coolmax for enhanced ventilation. Thanks to the Sanitized® technology, odor-causing bacteria are kept at bay, reducing unpleasant smells from feet and skates. The strategically positioned Y-seam enhances foot comfort within the skate.



Here you will find our entire collection of hockey socks. 


CCM Hockey Socks Basic
€ 11,69
€ 13,50
CCM Undersweater 360 Compression Sr.
€ 40,69
€ 76,94

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