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Hockey blog  Shooting Practice in Hockey: 3 Top Tips to Improve Your Shot Tec

Shooting Practice in Hockey: 3 Top Tips to Improve Your Shot Technique

Shooting quickly, powerfully, and with precision are essential skills for scoring in ice hockey. But how does one learn to shoot more accurately and powerfully? Here, we offer three top tips to help you become a better goal scorer.

Choose the Right Hockey Stick

To deliver a quick wrist shot in tight situations, a top-quality hockey stick is crucial. Advanced hockey sticks are infused with the latest technology and offer high performance in both the shaft and blade – all designed to provide the best possible conditions for both shooting and puck-handling at an elite level. But regardless of whether you opt for a basic or more sophisticated stick, the most critical factor is ensuring it has the appropriate length and flex for the player using it.


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Acquire equipment for home shooting practice

If you're serious about ice hockey and aim to become a top-notch shooter, it's not enough to take a few shots on the ice a couple of times a week. By acquiring a shooting pad or shooting tile, some pucks, and preferably a full-sized goal, you'll have everything you need to hone your shooting technique at home – even during the summer. Set up your equipment in your driveway or on the street, and consider setting up a net behind the goal to catch any pucks that miss. Another tip is to attach a shooting tarp to the goal, with openings positioned where it's most challenging for the goalie to make a save. With every shot you take, you become a bit more skilled, and over time, it will undoubtedly show on the hockey rink.

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Learn from the best

In the world of hockey, there's a wealth of inspiration to draw from. By observing and listening to professional hockey players, you can gain significant insights. Take note of how they shift their weight over the stick to generate the powerful recoil that propels the puck at high speeds. You can also seek advice and information on platforms like YouTube. While it might initially seem challenging to apply what you see and hear to your own practice, there's a good chance that, with persistence, it'll eventually click — provided you consistently practice and refine your skills.

Good luck!


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