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Hockey blog  Guide: When to Use a Soft Hockey Puck or a Lighter-Weight Puck.

Guide: When to Use a Soft Hockey Puck or a Lighter-Weight Puck

Hockey pucks don't have to be as heavy and hard as their reputation suggests. For younger players, or for those aiming to practice shot blocking, a soft or lightweight puck is the best choice. In this guide, we'll explain which puck is most suitable for different purposes.

Hockey Puck Weight for Different Ages 

For players up to U10 (generally those under 10 years of age), a blue light puck is used, which is lighter with a weight of only 120-135 grams. From U11 (typically players aged 11 and over), black pucks weighing 156-170 grams are used. 

Light pucks are always blue and weigh only 125 grams. Since they are otherwise the same size as regular pucks, young players can start practicing with a full-sized puck without it feeling too heavy.

Our selection of hockey pucks

Light pucks for juniors

Vegum Light Puck
€ 2,63
CCM Training Puck Light Puck
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Vegum Puck Jr.
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Learn to block shots with a soft puck 

Sacrificial defensive play can be crucial in ice hockey, and shot blocking is an integral part of it. Three-time Stanley Cup champion, Niklas Hjalmarsson, for instance, blocked nearly 2,000 shots during his NHL career – a pivotal factor that contributed to the Chicago Blackhawks clinching the championship three times between 2010 and 2015. To practice blocking shots correctly, you should use a soft puck, as it can undeniably hurt to take heavy shots with hard pucks to the body.

Vegum Sponge puck is made of a foam material and is designed to allow players to learn how to block shots during practice without exposing themselves to the risk of injuries.

Vegum Sponge Puck

Soft puck for streethockey

Since street hockey, also known as inline hockey, is played on a different surface, it requires a distinct type of equipment. This also applies to the puck, which needs to glide smoothly despite the absence of ice. Therefore, these pucks have a unique construction that reduces friction, making it easier to handle the puck similarly to how one would in traditional ice hockey. Here, we provide recommendations for products that are ideal for playing in the street or on the driveway.

Our collection of street hockey pucks

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