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AYCANE Hockey Apparel


Revolutionary Performance Clothing and Fitness Clothing

AYCANE is on a mission to change your game. AYCANE makes groundbreaking hockey base layers and training apparel that enhances your performance on and off the ice.Perform your training or gamewith breathable base layers, hockey skating socks and gym clothes that move with your body and regulate your temperature. Plus a recovery line to help you relax in style.

Take your game to the next level

AYCANE's dedicated development and design team provides everything to ensure that every hockey player and athlete can reach their maximum potential and follow their passion, on and off the ice. Everything AYCANE does is based on the highest quality, sustainably produced materials and cutting edge performance in all its products. AYCANE supports your lifestyle and is here to change your game.

AYCANE brand

Aycane Cap Voltice
€ 33,22

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