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Hockey blog  Shooting ramp for hockey - how to train shooting and puck techni

Shooting ramp hockey - How you can train shots and puck techniques at home

With a hockey shooting ramp, you can improve shots and puck techniques even when you don't have access to ice. Here, we give you tips on what type of shooting ramp is best suited and what accessories you may need to get the most out of your training.

As a hockey player, you know that it is important to be skilled on both skates and with the stick to perform at a high level. To improve these skills, it simply requires a lot of training and often, even when you are not at hockey practice. However, it can be difficult to train as you want when you do not have access to the ice, especially during the summer months and during the so-called off-ice or dry-land training.

One of the very best ways to train outside the ice is to train your shot with the help of a shooting ramp. Of course, you can build a hockey shooting ramp yourself with plywood, but synthetic shooting plates provide a better glide. If you also have something to shoot at, such as a hockey goal, you can train your shots all summer long, for example, in the garage, in the yard or in the garage driveway.


Synthetic Shooting Ramp

Today, there are ready-made shooting ramps made of durable synthetic material, with a focus on creating a solid surface with as good a glide as possible. With this, you can train both shooting and stick technique, as the puck and stick glide relatively friction-free over the shooting plate, just like on the ice. For those who primarily want to train shooting, a shooting plate is enough, but if you want to be able to train more on dribbling and puck handling, you can benefit from a larger area. Then there is the possibility to attach several plates to each other.

Below, we recommend some of our best shot ramps as well as other accessories that enhance training.

Shooting Pad with good glide and easy to carry thanks to the handle.

Size: 60 x 120 cm.

BUY HERE: Mohawke Shooting Pad Shooting Pad 60 x 120 cm - One size

Skottramp hockey - Mohawke Syntet-is 10-pack – VIT

Synthetic material for shooting, stick handling, and passing. Extremely good slide as close to real ice as possible. Sold in a 10-pack (2.20 square meters). The plates are 46 x 46 cm and very easy to assemble. In ten minutes, you have built a world-class training area.

BUY HERE: Mohawke Synthetic Ice 10-pack - WHITE

Tips for other products that can enhance your off-ice experience.

1. Hockey Goal with Sharpshooter and Protective Net

Set up a hockey goal with a sharpshooter to practice precision. The sharpshooter has openings in the crossbar, the sides, and along the center ice – exactly in the places where you should shoot to beat the goalkeeper. Consider setting up a protective net to collect the pucks behind the goal!

Here you can find our hockey goals, sharpshooters, and protective nets.

Mohawke Hockey Goal Full Size
€ 163,04
Out of stock

2. BlueSports Stickhandling Trainer

This smart invention consists of blocks and ribs that you can easily lay out on your shooting ramp or on the ice. By carrying the puck under the rib between the blocks and receiving it on the other side, you can practice your stickhandling technique to become quick and confident in your puck handling. After a few turns, you can finish with a quick shot at the goal and suddenly you have a complete exercise that you will greatly enjoy when playing hockey.

BUY HERE: Blue Sports Stick Handling Trainer.

3. Mohawke Passare Blade Zone

Place it on your shooting pad, synthetic surface, or directly on the ice and practice passes and wrist shots. This passer from Mohawke features no less than three passing surfaces, providing you with the ability to improve receptions, passes, and wrist shots, as the puck bounces back when it is hit.

BUY HERE: Mohawke Passare Blade Zone

See all shooting plates here.

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