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Hockey blog  Mouth Guards for Hockey - All You Need to Know

Hockey-Mundschutz – Alles, was Sie wissen müssen.

Wenn Sie 1984 oder später geboren sind, ist ein zertifizierter Mundschutz Pflicht, um organisiertes Eishockey mit Visier zu spielen. Aber auch wenn Sie nur mit Freunden spielen, ist es eine gute Idee, Mund und Zähne vor Pucks und Stöcken zu schützen. Hier erklären wir, warum Mundschutz wichtig ist und geben gute Ratschläge für den Kauf.

As long as you play junior hockey, up to the age of 18 years old, full-face protection is always required. After that, male players can choose to play with a visor and if you were born in 1984 or later, you must also use a mouth guard. However, even younger players may benefit from wearing a mouth guard as it further reduces the risk of injuries to the mouth and teeth. Such injuries can occur from careless handling of equipment or temporary absence of full-face visor or cage, for example during training or playing with friends. There is also an advantage to getting used to the mouth guard before you start playing with a visor. This way, you can find out which mouth guard you prefer and how to use it correctly.

Why is a mouth guard necessary when playing hockey?

You've probably seen pictures of toothless hockey players. Knocked out teeth and jaw fractures are unfortunately common and in a tough physical sport like hockey, the risk of taking a significant blow to the mouth is always present. These unfortunate strikes usually come from swinging sticks or hard high-speed pucks that can be directed straight into your face before you have a chance to react. With a properly fitting certified mouth guard, the chance of keeping your teeth is significantly greater.

What mouthguard should you buy?

It's important to buy a mouthguard made of CE-marked material and can be adjusted to fit your teeth. This is usually done by dipping the mouthguard in boiling water, letting it cool so you don´t burn yourself, and then placing it over your upper jaw and biting down. The instructions for how to do this procedure are described in the instructions that come with the mouthguard at purchase. If the mouthguard does not fit snugly over your teeth, it will not provide the desired protection and may be uncomfortable to wear. A good mouthguard fits almost unnoticed in your mouth, allowing you to talk, breathe, drink, and bite without it slipping or being a distraction in any way.

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