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Hockey blog  Marsblade Inlines - As Close to Ice Hockey as You Can Get

Marsblade Inlines - as close to ice hockey as you can get

Marsblade has revolutionized both inlines and ice skates with a unique technology that provides optimal feeling when playing ice hockey or street hockey. They offer all necessary accessories for easily converting your ice skates to inlines, as well as holders and blades for your ice skates. Here we explain how Marsblade has taken the sport to a whole new level.

It is the unique "Flow motion" technology that has contributed to Marsblade take the hockey world by storm. Simply, the technology provides a certain rocking motion in your inlines, which makes the feeling extremely close to that of ice skates. This gives you better control and higher performance in your skating, while also maintaining the same muscle groups as when playing ice hockey. If you are playing "roller hockey" on an indoor floor or softer surface, Marsblade R1 is preferred, while Marsblade O1 (Off ice) is best suited for asphalt or other harder surfaces. Choose between junior or senior models and compare your size with the size chart on the product page to find a pair that fits.

All of our inlines from Marsblade.

Convert your ice skates to inlines with Marsblade

Thanks to new innovation and technology, you can easily convert your ice skates to inlines by replacing the blade with wheels. This practical solution has been developed by Marsblade. If you purchase the Marsblade inline wheel set, it includes everything you need to transform your ice skates into a pair of inlines, including tools and 10 wheels. We offer three different sizes, S, M and L, and by looking at the size chart, you can see what size you should have.

Marsblade's unique technology - also for ice skates

There is more to be happy about than just inlines. Marsblade has transferred its technology to ice skates, with its unique holder including a blade that you can use for almost any ice skates. On the ice, the rocking function means that more steel is constantly in contact with the ice, giving increased power, speed, and control. The player can also make tighter turns while maintaining speed and energy.

More accessories from Marsblade

With a comprehensive range, Marsblade has all the accessories you might need. This includes spare parts, tools, bearings, chassis, and technical pucks. All so you can easily replace worn out parts and fully utilize your inlines or ice skates.

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