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Hockey blog  Left or right hockey stick: right or left grip.

Left or Right Hockey Stick: Right or Left Handed

Most people hold the hockey stick to the left of their body in their starting position, with their right hand on the top of the shaft. This is called left handed, or "left". However, the choice is not always clear, especially if you are buying a hockey stick for a child who has never played before. Here, we explain the differences and give you some good advice before purchasing your hockey stick.

Just like there are right and left-footed soccer players, there are right and left-handed hockey players. The difference is that as a hockey player, you must purchase a hockey stick that corresponds to your handedness, meaning "right" or "left". When it comes to hockey sticks, the difference between right and left is determined by the blade. A player with a "left" handedness plays with a blade where the toe, or the tip of the blade, points to the right when holding the stick in front of you. The blade on a "right" stick, on the other hand, points to the left.

Which handedness is best for you?

If you have never held a stick before, it is not clear whether you should purchase a hockey stick with "right" handedness or "left" handedness. However, right-handed players typically play with left handedness. This can be explained by the fact that the right hand is always the body part holding the top of the stick shaft and provides both power and control with and without the puck. If you are still unsure about which handedness you feel most comfortable with, you can simulate the feeling with a regular stick or why not a broom. The arm you feel most skilled with when trying to hit something in front of you, or sweep something off the floor, is often the arm you want to hold the top of the hockey stick shaft with when playing. If it happens to be your left arm, you should choose a right handed stick and vice versa. The other arm is used more as support for shooting, passing, and dribbling, and holds lower on the shaft.

Therefore, it is important to choose the right grip

Hockey players often hold the stick with one hand while skating, as the other arm is used for better balance and optimizing skating by allowing it to swing at the side of the body. In the defensive game, it is also important to be able to handle the stick with only one hand, as you get more reach and can push the puck away from opponents. In this case, it is an advantage for the arm actually holding the stick to be strong and able to guide the stick where you want with precision and control.

How do I choose "left" or "right" on a hockey stick?

When you buy a hockey stick online, you can make the choice yourself on the product page whether you want a left-handed or right-handed stick. Regardless of which hand you choose, you will get exactly the same good properties in the hockey stick - both in terms of the stiffness, thickness, and kickpoint of the shaft, as well as the angle, shape, and structure of the blade. Hockey sticks for children are adapted with narrower shafts and smaller blades, and are also less stiff for a better feeling and puck handling.

This hockey stick for children is made by Warrior and is an extremely light and durable stick at the same time. With updated blade technology and a shaft with a low "kick point," you get both good puck control and can shoot quick and well-directed shots. The LX Pro is available in both "right" and "left."

BUY HERE: Warrior Hockey Stick LX Pro Yth 20 Flex

Left eller right hockeyklubba - CCM Hockeyklubba Super Tacks AS4 Pro Jr 30 Flex

This hockey stick for children and juniors is made by CCM and is available in both "left" and "right." It is a modern stick with advanced blade technology that optimizes puck control and maximizes shot power.

BUY HERE: CCM Hockey Stick Super Tacks AS4 Pro Jr 30 Flex

Left eller right hockeyklubba - Bauer Hockeyklubba Nexus Geo Sr.

This hockey stick for seniors is made by Bauer and is available in both "left" and "right." It is a allround stick used by all types of players and provides high performance when it comes to both puck control during dribbles and power transfer in shots.

BUY HERE: Bauer Hockey Stick Nexus Geo Sr.

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