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Hockey blog  How to Ensure You Get the Right Length of a Hockey Stick for Kid

How to Ensure You Get the Right Length of a Hockey Stick for Kids

Playing with a hockey stick that is too long or too short makes it harder to skate and handle the puck. Here is a guide for those considering the right length for a stick for children, and we explain how to easily adjust the length as needed.

Having the right length hockey stick is essential to shoot, dribble, and skate as you desire. When it comes to the length of a hockey stick for children, you can use the same starting point as for adults, that is, the stick should be approximately 80% of their body length, reaching up to their nose without skates and to their chin with skates on. Since children grow, the stick will eventually become too short, but nowadays you can easily extend the stick as needed with a shaft extension that can be easily attached to the end of the shaft and then cut to the desired length.


A hockey stick that is too long hinders puck handling

Having a hockey stick that is too long can negatively impact puck handling abilities. This is a common mistake made when choosing a stick for children, with the thought that they will grow into it eventually. However, this makes it much harder to handle the puck, which can take away much of the enjoyment of the game and lead to the child losing interest. Of course, you can be a little lenient with the length, and a few centimeters may not make a significant difference, but if it starts to approach a full inch, you should definitely shorten the stick to a better fit.


How to cut your hockey stick to the right length

When you receive your hockey stick for children, you often have to cut it to the desired length. Place the stick with the shaft perpendicular to the floor in front of the child's nose, with or without skates. Mark the shaft exactly where you want to cut the stick, which is usually about the nose without skates and the chin with skates. A tip is to start by cutting a few centimeters higher and then have the child try the new length. If the stick feels too long, you can easily cut a few centimeters more. Use a bow saw or similar fine-toothed saw tool, and then tape a new knob with hockey tape.


How to Extend Your Hockey Stick

Buy an extender that is tailored for kids' hockey sticks, as these are narrower than sticks for older players. Remove the plug from the end of the stick, heat up the glue on the extender with a heat gun or hair dryer, and insert it into the stick. Then, you can cut the shaft to the desired length and finally tape a new knob. Voilà!

Shaft Extenders and Other Hockey Stick Accessories

What to consider when buying a hockey stick for kids

When buying a hockey stick for kids, the most important thing is to choose a stick with a narrower shaft. This is because they need to be able to grip the stick with their hands. They are also more flexible than adult sticks because kids are lighter. The blade is also smaller on kids' hockey sticks, which gives better puck control (the puck is also smaller for kids). In our category of hockey sticks for kids, you will find sticks that are properly sized and have other appropriate features.

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