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Hockey blog  Hockey Helmets Best in Test 2022: We compare 3 different models

Hockey Helmets Best in Test 2022: We Compare 3 Different Models

The hockey helmet is invaluable in protecting you against serious head injuries while playing ice hockey. We have compared three hockey helmets from established brands such as CCM, Bauer, and TRUE and looked closer at important features.

The most important feature of a hockey helmet is its ability to protect against concussions and other head injuries. The level of protection provided by the helmet is partially determined by the inherent properties of its structure and material, but it must also fit properly on the head. A helmet that is too big may shift or fail to absorb shocks, while one that is too small may cause discomfort and become a distraction when playing hockey. Comfort is therefore a crucial aspect, especially for those who play hockey actively with multiple practices or games per week. A lightweight and comfortable helmet that can be easily adjusted will allow you to focus fully on the game.

Most of our helmets come in two or three sizes, with each size covering a specific range of head circumference. To choose the right size, measure your head circumference from your forehead and all the way around the back of your head. Then compare the circumference to the size intervals on the product page. The helmet can then be adjusted both front and back to fit your specific head shape and size.

This is how we have compared the helmets

To compare hockey helmets, we have considered the price, weight, protection capacity (materials and features that provide extra protection), adjustability (how easily it can be adjusted to the head), and comfort (such as padding and lining on the inside of the helmet).

Result: Best hockey helmets of 2022 test

Joint test winner! Bauer Hockey Helmet Hyperlite: Lightest weight in the test!

Joint test winner! TRUE Hockey Helmet Dynamic 9 Pro: Cheapest in the test!

2nd place: CCM Hockey Helmet Super Tacks X: Highest comfort and exemplary protection!

Joint test winner! Bauer Hockey Helmet Hyperlite

Suits you if

you want an affordable, comfortable, and lightweight hockey helmet.


Bauer HYPERLITE is an incredibly light and dynamic helmet designed for elite level with a sleek look. The helmet is designed to maximize the use of the FREEFORM ADJUSTMENT technology. By having optimal depth and thoughtful placement of the ears, you can adjust the length and width in all directions and get a tight fit as desired. The new SHOCKLITE-FOAM-technology is built into all five key zones of the helmet. This results in a light helmet with fantastic comfort and optimal protection against collisions on the ice.

HYPERLITE is designed to provide 20% weight savings compared to the popular Re-Act 150, without compromising head protection. The thickness of the helmet shell is optimized and the padding on the inside contributes to increased comfort. Additionally, you can adjust the ear protection without tools as you wish.

SIZES: S/M  54cm - 59cm  /   L/XL  57cm - 62.5cm

Tool-less adjustment: Yes
Size range: 54 cm - 62.5 cm
Weight: 425 g (small/medium)


+Low weight
+Optimal protection against collisions

BUY HERE: Bauer Hockey Helmet Hyperlite

Joint test winner! TRUE Hockey Helmet Dynamic 9 Pro

Suitable for those who

want a lightweight and affordable hockey helmet.


A hockey helmet from TRUE in a One-Piece shell construction which makes it extremely light. As the first helmet ever, TRUE Dynamic 9 Pro is equipped with MIPS own patented brain injury protection system where the system protects against both rotational movements and impacts that occur in direct front impacts. TRUE also uses its own Fitpad system where it is possible to adjust the size 5% larger or smaller, providing optimal fit and comfort.

MIPS: Patented MIPS protection system.
SHELL: One-Piece shell construction in Polypropene makes the helmet extremely light.
FITPAD SYSTEM: Pads at the back of the neck and sides for optimal adjustment of the fit. The pads measure 5mm, 10mm, and 15mm in thickness.
SIZES: Small 53 - 56 cm / Medium 54 - 57 cm / Large 59 - 62 cm

Adjustment without tools: Yes
Size range: 53 cm - 62 cm
Weight: 470 g (medium)


+Light and comfortable
+Fitpad - optimal adjustment of fit with pads

BUY HERE: TRUE Hockey Helmet Dynamic 9 Pro

2nd place: CCM Hockey Helmet Super Tacks X

Suitable for you if

you want a hockey helmet with exceptional protection and maximum comfort.


Revolutionary research and development and 3D-DIGITAL manufacturing have combined to produce CCM's new TACKS X-HELMET. This comfortable helmet allows you to perform at your best while providing you with first-class protection and comfort. The unique 3D-Printed NEST TECH LINER keeps your head cool and comfortable due to the incredible air flow.

PROTECTION: 3D-printed Nest Tech liner with D3O®. Innovative, leading 3D-printed fitting liner with different geometry to best remove all types of shocks from key areas + pressure-sensitive D3O® Smart material to help distribute shock energy.
COMFORT: Nest Tech liner and multi-layer foam protection. Ultimate comfort and fit that fits your head better than any other liner.
ADJUSTMENT: Front and rear adjustment without tools. Easy to adjust in length with adjustments on the side with more adjustment options than before for a personal, snug fit.
SHELL: Elegant design and reinforced side protection.
SIZES: Small 52.5 - 57 cm / Medium 55.5 - 60 cm / Large 58.5 - 63 cm

Adjustment without tools: Yes
Size range: 52.5 cm - 63 cm
Weight: 608 g (medium)


+Unique air flow
+3D-printed liner that removes shocks

BUY HERE: CCM Hockey Helmet Super Tacks X

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