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Hockey blog  Hockey Helmet for Kids: Size and Fit Determine How Well It Prote

Hockey Helmet for children: Size and Fit Determine Its Protective Abilities

Are your child about to starting to play ice hockey or needing to replace a child's hockey helmet that has become too small? We provide valuable tips to help you find a safe and comfortable hockey helmet for children.

There's no doubt that a hockey helmet is the most important protective gear when playing ice hockey. However, simply wearing any hockey helmet is not enough. To ensure maximum protection, it's crucial that the helmet fits properly on the head. That's why it's important to select the right size helmet, but also to adjust the helmet so that it fits the head correctly.

Choose the right size with the help of the size chart

Different brands have different size charts, and when you purchase a hockey helmet from Hockeystore, you can always compare the circumference of your child's head to the chart that is available in the product description. For the very young players between 4 and 7 years of age, there are specially designed helmets that extend beyond the normal sizes and go down to 47 cm in circumference. Otherwise, you can order most of the helmets in sizes from around 51 cm and up.


This is why the right size is important

A hockey helmet that is too big and fits loosely does not provide adequate protection as it may slip out of place and expose sensitive parts of the head. Although it is possible to adjust most helmets to fit better, this is not possible if the helmet is too large. Another disadvantage of a helmet that is too big is that it feels bulky and negatively affects the player's performance.

A helmet that is too small does not provide enough protection for the head either. Additionally, it may cause pain and discomfort due to pressure on the head.

This is how you make sure the helmet fits properly

When you receive your hockey helmet, first and foremost open it up as much as possible and put it over your head. The front edge of the helmet should sit just above your eyebrows, and from there you can tighten the helmet until it fits securely. Be careful to also ensure that the cage or full coverage visor is secure and provides comfortable support for your chin.

In the past, hockey helmets were adjusted with a screwdriver, but today most helmets are designed to be quickly and easily adjusted without any tools. This is especially advantageous if you feel that the helmet needs to be adjusted during the game, as you can easily make these adjustments while sitting on the player bench.

Exactly how helmets are adjusted varies between different models, but in general you can adjust both length and width for a personal fit. Generally speaking, the more advanced the helmet is, the greater the possibility of adjustments to the shape of your head. This is reflected in the price tag, which says a lot about how good the helmet is. A good hockey helmet that can be adapted to the player provides better distribution of pressure on the head and more effective protection against blows and collisions.

Face Masks and CE Marking

To play ice hockey, you must always use a helmet that is CE marked. The marking is recognized internationally but called HECC in the USA and CSA in Canada. In addition, all players up to 18 years or younger, female players, and goalkeepers are required to wear full-face protection. You can then choose to play with a shield or with a cage.

A custom-fit helmet with a cage for the very youngest players (ages 4-7, size 47-56).

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