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Hockey blog  Hockey Equipment for Kids - How to Choose the Right Gear

Hockey equipment for kids - how to choose the right gear

Choosing the right hockey equipment is important for kids to have fun playing and not get hurt. But how should one think about different models and sizes for kids? And how can you adjust the equipment to match the level and playing style? Here we give our best tips when it comes to buying hockey equipment for children.


What equipment is needed to play ice hockey?

Skates and a stick are essential for playing ice hockey. But there is also a lot of other equipment that are needed. A helmet is a given and children should also have full face protection. A neck guard is another mandatory protection that must always be worn to protect players from serious accidents. Furthermore, there are knee pads, elbow pads, shoulder pads, gloves and hockey pants - all important parts for complete hockey equipment.

How to choose the right equipment

If the equipment lacks quality or does not fit properly, it can negatively affect performance and pose a safety risk for the player. The wrong size of skates, a helmet that slips down in front of the eyes, or a stick that is too long can be factors that tire children before they even have a proper chance at hockey. Therefore, we encourage you to buy hockey equipment for children that is actually designed for children. Then make sure to cut the stick to the right length and adjust the protection and accessories to fit as well as possible. This way, you will give the child the best possible opportunity to have fun during hockey training and, not to mention, the games!

Here is a buying guide for a complete hockey equipment for children:


When purchasing hockey skates for children, it's easy to buy a pair that's a few sizes larger to "grow into." However, keep in mind that skates that are too big can make it difficult to skate and increase the risk of injury because they don't provide enough support to the foot and ankle. Therefore, we recommend purchasing a children's skate that is no more than one size larger than their normal size. This also allows room to wear a pair of socks that can fill out the skate. The choice of skate also depends largely on the player's level and experience. If the child is trying hockey for the first time, a cheaper model with a slightly softer structure might be enough. This also applies to lighter players who, due to their low weight, don't need a skate that is as stiff (which would actually make it more difficult to skate). On the other hand, an experienced skater or a more strongly built player might benefit from a more expensive skate that offers better stability and allows them to get the full benefit of their skating.

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Hockey Stick

What usually distinguishes different hockey sticks is their "kick point," or kick-point. The kick-point tells you where in the shaft the stick flexes and is important for how quickly the puck leaves the blade on wrist or drag shots. The lower the kick-point, the faster the "release." In addition, the shaft profile, and sometimes even the stiffness of the blade, differs between models.

So, you should generally choose what stiffness, or "flex," you want in the shaft. A stiffer, or harder, shaft is better suited for heavier and stronger players. That being said, children's sticks are softer and have a lower flex than adult hockey sticks. Additionally, the shafts are narrower so that children can grip properly around the stick. The blade is also smaller and well suited for the smaller pucks that children play ice hockey with. How long a stick should be is a matter of taste, but a good starting point is that it should reach the nose without skates, or the chin when the skates are on. Most people choose to tape a knob on top of the shaft so that the stick does not slip from their hand during the game.

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The helmet is as you suspect the most important protection. But it also matters that it stays still on the head and without pressing against the skull because this can cause pain and discomfort. Helmets can usually be adjusted and most have self-adjusting systems that make them sit comfortably and securely on the head. Remember that children should always wear full face protection.

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Hockey Protective Gear

Hockey players, small and large, always have a comprehensive protective equipment. Hockey Shin guards, elbow pads, shoulder/chest protection, jockstrap and neck guard are all important to ensure that players do not get injured. The gears should cover the body parts they are intended to protect and sit properly in place during the game. This is largely ensured by smart solutions with Velcro straps and the ability to adjust the fit as needed. To make the hockey socks stay, many choose to tape on top of them.

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Hockey Gloves and Hockey Pants

Hockey pants mainly protect the hips, the front of the thighs, and the lower back. They should sit firmly over the hip bones and reach down to the top of the knee in a standing position to provide complete protection. Large pants inhibit mobility and therefore affect skate performance negatively. Hockey gloves are an incredibly important protection for knuckles, wrist backs, and wrists that are especially exposed during the game. Therefore, it is important that the gloves sit properly and do not fall off, while still providing enough space for the hands to handle the stick and puck with full control.

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