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Hockey blog  Buy Inline Skates for the Break and Train Hockey All Summer

Buy Inline Skates for the Break and Train Hockey All Season

Inline hockey or street hockey is a perfect alternative for those who want to play hockey even in the summer. We give you our best tips in the search for a new pair of inlines.

Buying inline skates for hockey – what to consider.

The choice of inline skates depends mainly on how often you play and how high your demands are for maximizing performance. More expensive models are often lighter in construction and provide high stability to protect your ankles. Additionally, you can expect higher comfort, better acceleration, and quicker braking and turning. Some inline skates have smaller wheels in the front than in the back, which can provide better acceleration and maneuverability. Those who plan to play street hockey or inline hockey can often benefit from a more advanced pair of inline skates, while a simpler pair may suffice if you just plan to play with friends occasionally.

Choosing the right size for your inline skates.

To choose the right size, you can compare your foot size with the size chart on the product page. Once you receive your inline skates, try them on at home comfortably. Stand up with the skates on, bend your knees slightly, and feel to make sure the shoe fits securely and comfortably without squeezing your toes or causing discomfort anywhere else on your foot.

Inline skates for playing on hard surfaces.

For outdoor play on asphalt or concrete, inline skates with harder wheels are recommended and those used for indoor inline hockey on a softer surface. This will result in the wheels not being consumed as quickly. Our shop offers inline skates for playing on asphalt or concrete from well-known brands like Bauer or CCM. We have inline skates in different sizes and for all levels; kids, junior, intermediate, and senior. By comparing your foot size with the size chart on the product page, you can easily choose the size that fits you.

Bauer Inlines RH RS Jr.
€ 113,19
€ 135,85

Inline Skates for Softer Surfaces

Inline hockey or street hockey can also be played on rinks with softer surfaces, such as similar or the same sports flooring found in sports halls. For playing on these types of surfaces, it is best to use inline skates with softer wheels for a more compliant ride with better shock absorption and grip on the surface. At Hockeystore, you can find inline skates with soft wheels for all ages and levels.

Bauer Inline Skates Vapor 3X Sr
€ 453,06
Out of stock

Inlines for Children

Inlines for children typically only have three wheels, with the advantage of becoming easier to maneuver as it facilitates quick turns. When it comes to the size, you should stick to the child's regular size, although you can buy up to one size larger for the child to grow into. A common mistake is to buy too large inlines for the child, which has a negative impact on the ride and performance.

Shop our inlines for children here

Marsblade Inlines

Marsblade offers inlines made of lightweight and rigid composite material and an innovative wheel technology with a unique "swing-function" that mimics the rounded shape of ice skates. This allows you to have the same movement pattern as ice skating, which maintains the muscle groups used in ice skating. You can shape them to fit your feet by heating them in the oven and they provide almost the same stability and skating feeling as elite ice hockey skates. We offer Marsblade inlines for both children, juniors, intermediate and seniors and they can be used on both soft and hard surfaces.

Marsblade Inlines O1 Kraft Pro Sr
€ 434,57
Out of stock

Convert your ice skates to inline skates with Marsblade

Thanks to new innovation and technology, you can easily convert your ice skates to inline skates by switching out the blade for wheels. This practical solution was developed by Marsblade. If you purchase Marsblade's inline wheel kit, it includes everything you need to turn your ice skates into inline skates, including tools and 10 wheels. We offer three different sizes, S, M, and L, and by checking the size chart, you can determine the appropriate size for you.

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