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Hockey blog  Adjusting the Length of a Hockey Stick – A Comprehensive Guide

Adjusting the Length of a Hockey Stick – A Comprehensive Guide

Contemporary hockey sticks are typically made of composite materials and can be customized, either shortened or lengthened, to fit the individual needs of players. In this article, we will explain the appropriate length for a hockey stick, provide a step-by-step guide on how to cut it to the desired length, and demonstrate the correct method to tape a new knob to ensure an optimal grip on the stick.

A hockey stick should roughly reach the tip of your nose when you are standing upright without skates, or up to your chin when you have your skates on. Another method to determine the appropriate stick length is to calculate 80 percent of your total body height. However, the length of the hockey stick can be a matter of personal preference. For instance, some players, particularly defensemen, prefer a slightly longer stick to increase their reach. This is especially beneficial for defending, as it allows them to poke the puck away from opponents effectively or to take powerful shots from the blue line, leveraging the increased force generated by the longer stick. Conversely, players who wish to have better control in dribbling and shooting in tight spaces, especially forwards, often opt for a slightly shorter stick.

How to Cut Your Hockey Stick to the Right Length

If the hockey stick you purchase is too long, you may need to cut it down to size. Place the stick vertically in front of your nose, with the shaft perpendicular to the floor, either with or without skates on. Mark the shaft at the exact point where you want to cut it. This is usually around the tip of your nose without skates and at the chin with skates on. A helpful hint is to initially cut a couple of centimeters higher than the marked point and then check if the length suits you. If the stick still feels too long, you can easily trim off a few more centimeters. Utilize a hacksaw or a similar fine-toothed sawing tool for cutting. Afterwards, secure a new knob in place using hockey tape.

How to Tape a New Knob on Your Hockey Stick

Once you are satisfied with the length of your stick, the next step is to affix a new knob to ensure maximum feel and performance. There are various methods to tape the knob, each differing according to personal preference, but for optimal grip, using a specialized hockey tape is recommended.

A popular approach involves not only wrapping the tape around the shaft but also twisting it into thicker strands that are then wound around the stick at intervals of a few centimeters. This creates a textured surface that prevents the glove from slipping when holding the stick. Concluding this process by wrapping several rounds of grip tape ensures that the stick remains secure in your hands under all conditions.

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