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PUCK N UGLY Stick Wax for Hockey

PUCK N UGLY Stick Wax for Hockey
PUCK N UGLY Stick Wax for Hockey

Maintain your grip and enhance your puck control with PUCK N UGLY Stick Wax! This high-quality hockey wax is specifically designed to give you that extra edge on the ice. With its unique formula, it helps to reduce the accumulation of snow and ice on the blade, providing you with cleaner and more consistent puck handling.

PUCK N UGLY Stick Wax is easy to apply and is suitable for all types of hockey sticks. It's made to withstand tough conditions and remains soft even in the coldest hockey arenas. The wax comes in a convenient tin that easily fits in your hockey bag, so you can always have it on hand when it's time to prepare for a game or practice.

Use PUCK N UGLY Stick Wax to not only improve your game but also to protect your stick blade from premature wear. Its pleasant scent and long-lasting effect make it a must-have for any hockey player who takes their game seriously.

- Improves puck control
- Reduces ice buildup
- Protects stick blade

EAN code: 627708900045
Article number: 00313040006OS
Trademark:2U SPORTS
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