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Hammer Sport Cardio T3

Hammer Sport Cardio T3
Hammer Sport Cardio T3
For modern and comfortable training at home

Looking to improve your fitness or lose weight? Are you in search of a comfortable, stable exercise bike that offers both manual and automatic resistance adjustment? Do you also want your exercise bike to have a clear, intuitive, and user-friendly computer? Then the HAMMER Cardio T3 exercise bike is for you. A 6 kg flywheel and an electronic magnetic braking system provide an incredibly smooth rotation movement. The handlebars and seat can be adjusted so that everyone, regardless of height, can train on the exercise bike. With the help of the practical transport wheels, it is easy to set up and move your HAMMER Cardio T3. Convenient to the max: Your Cardio T3 operates without electricity. So, you can use it anywhere without having to worry about whether there is a power outlet nearby.

Tested for extra long durability
You can be sure that you will enjoy your HAMMER Cardio T3 for a long time to come, as the technology behind the exercise bike has passed an endurance test of over 100,000 revolutions. The technical components, such as electronics and bearings, are of high industrial quality and are designed for intensive and prolonged use.

Gradually increase resistance
You can start your training with low resistance and then slowly increase the resistance progressively. This is especially relevant for older individuals or for light mobility training after sports injuries. You can quickly and easily adjust the eight levels of resistance and the intensity of your training with a knob.

For long-lasting training enjoyment
The construction and technical components of your HAMMER Cardio T3 are designed for extra-long life. The frame is very stable and designed for intensive use. In addition, the four support points on the floor and the double welding guarantee superb stability for body weights up to 110 kg.

Take a fitness test on your HAMMER Cardio T3
The computer on your exercise bike calculates your individual fitness score based on how quickly you recover. The faster your heart rate drops after training, the more fit you are. This is shown by the HAMMER Cardio T3 BT with a score from 1 to 6, which motivates you to improve your fitness and take your training to the next level.

A user-friendly and clear computer
The computer on the HAMMER Cardio T3 is user-friendly and the menus are intuitive – even if you lack computer experience. The menus are easy to navigate thanks to the twist and push control. Finally, you can skip reading complicated instructions, so you can get started with your training right away. The easy-to-read and clear LCD screen shows you all the important training data.

Train with BitGym
Cardio T3 is the perfect multimedia center. With the training app BitGym, you can take your workout to the mountains or a beautiful coastal path! The app lets you choose from a large number of videos from different cycling routes from around the world that play on your tablet or smartphone. You can also watch an exciting movie or listen to your favorite music. The computer has an integrated holder for tablet/smartphone that keeps your devices securely in place during training.

Sit comfortably without tension
The saddle has extra thick comfort padding, which feels good during longer workouts. Here too, your new HAMMER Cardio T3 has a great advantage compared to standard products. Thanks to the saddle's sporty and ergonomic shape, you also avoid uncomfortable friction against the thighs during training.

Healthy cardio training
To reach your training goal quickly and efficiently, you need to keep an eye on your heart rate. Whether you're doing cardiovascular training, light fitness training, or want to lose weight, the pulse is crucial! The handles are equipped with pulse meters, so you can monitor your heart rate and achieve your training goals quickly and safely.

For an upright and back-friendly training position
The handles on the HAMMER Cardio T3 exercise bike can be adjusted to different positions for training that is either relaxed, pulse-oriented, sporty, or ergonomically correct for the back. You can adjust the handlebars so that you can train in an upright position, which is extra gentle on the back. The comfort saddle can be variably adjusted with a setting knob so that people between 1.55 and 1.90 m sit comfortably. The saddle's height, tilt, and distance between the seat and handlebars can be quickly and easily changed for different family members.

Safe training and easy to move
Slip-resistant pedals with adjustable straps for maximum safety. In addition: A pedal distance of 21 cm that is gentle on the joints, transport wheels, and adjustable feet for stability on uneven surfaces. Thanks to four support points on the floor and double weld seams, your HAMMER Cardio T3 stands extra firmly and stably even during tough training sessions.
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