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FINNLO by HAMMER Performance Treadmill

A smart all-around treadmill that becomes your own personal trainer thanks to an interactive training method. With a comprehensive multimedia package and a central Android touch console, you stay connected to the training world throughout your session, leaving a lasting impression. The extra-large running surface increases safety, and with one-touch controls, you adjust the intensity of your workout at the push of a button.

A treadmill with maximum performance – designed to bring out the best in you...

Train SMART with the Social Workout training computer

The FINNLO Performance is a shining example of a new generation of treadmills, offering something for everyone, regardless of training level, with its innovative and user-friendly Android TFT Touch training computer. Turn training into a lifestyle and move into the fast lane. You always have an eye on your training data thanks to the large 10.1-inch display.

Connected to the world: Likes and feeds during your workout

Share training photos and videos directly with your friends and acquaintances to get motivating likes straight to your treadmill during the session. Take your running performance to a new level with major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Showcase your training to your community and share it with family and friends.

Through the web browser, you can get practical running tips during your workout, order new running shoes, or look for recipes for a healthy smoothie or post-workout food.

Effective training with your own music, Netflix, and Spotify

The smart console also has a USB charger for your own smart device, as well as an integrated sound system for a motivating workout session to your favorite music that can be played directly through the stereo speakers via Spotify or the audio output.

Limitless connectivity with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

A Bluetooth interface for connecting a smart device like a smartphone or tablet and Wi-Fi connectivity give you untold possibilities and the full range of modern connectivity. You can conveniently place your tablet or smartphone in the integrated holder.

App support for more personalized training

The app compatibility of your FINNLO Performance treadmill gives you a much-needed boost that increases the joy of running and helps you achieve your goals.

A morning run through the streets of Paris or a breathtaking running session at the Grand Canyon. With the right app, the whole world lies at your feet.

The simplest and most modern way to use a treadmill

Thanks to a central control, you navigate easily, comfortably, and intuitively through the menu in a modern and clear layout with panels. The central and minimalist operating concept enhances user comfort with a few touch buttons and a push and turn joggle.

Developed to relieve joints

The FINNLO Performance features a 3.1 mm thick orthopedic running mat in multiple layers that feels natural and, in combination with an 8-point cushioning system, allows for a soft landing. The entire musculoskeletal system is positively affected, your running dynamics are improved, and the stress on feet, knee and hip joints, as well as the spine, is relieved.

Run like on clouds – a heavenly experience!

The Performance treadmill loves your running style

Choose your personal running experience and keep your own pace! Whether you are a seasoned long-distance runner who loves marathons, a competitive spirit looking to achieve fast results, or you train for well-being or rehabilitation, the FINNLO Performance is a multitasker that handles it all.

Run, jog, walk – a flexible training partner for everyone.

Limitless performance for all demands.

With an efficient, quiet, and perfectly tuned 3.5 HP motor with a peak capacity of 9 HP, the FINNLO Performance treadmill has a wide speed range from 0.8 km/h to 22 km/h. Thus, the FINNLO Performance treadmill is equally suitable for elite sports as for rehabilitation training. The running pace can be adjusted in increments of 0.1 km/h, providing all the conditions for healthy running training.

Adjust the intensity in 8 steps with one-click

Your running training gets a boost with the advanced technology of the FINNLO Performance. With the soft, direct selection one-touch buttons, you change speed and incline with just the push of a button. The quick changes provide a varied training with different intensities to simulate running in nature.

With the quick selection buttons, you can set the incline electronically in 15 different inclines to optimally prepare for races in hilly terrain.

An XXL running surface that meets all challenges

The treadmill withstands high loads and has a generous running surface of 1,520 x 520 mm. With a maximum user weight of 160 kg, even larger individuals get a completely natural, comfortable, and authentic running experience. The width is a full 520 mm, and the sturdy and solid side areas provide good conditions for a safe and stable running training.

Experience versatility at its best. Meter after meter.

The Performance treadmill from FINNLO lives up to its name and provides you and up to three additional users with an optimally tailored running training. Train with heart rate control, measure your heart rate accurately and constantly with a chest strap, or train according to specified distance, calorie consumption, and/or training time.

Best of all: after each training session, a detailed summary of average speed, duration, and average incline is automatically displayed on the screen.

A wide range of programs for 4 users

With 10 high-efficiency and pre-programmed training programs that you can easily customize via the touch display, you can design your training individually and adapt it entirely to your own needs.

The range of programs of the FINNLO Performance includes all types of training:

Easy running
Tempo running at threshold pace
Distance running with increasing load length
Tempo training and interval training in preparation for competition and marathons
Hill training
Feel the pulse of time

The best results for cardiovascular training are achieved with heart rate controlled training based on your max heart rate. The two pre-set upper heart rate limits help beginners to strengthen the cardiovascular system and kick-start fat burning at 60% of max heart rate. Experienced athletes can improve their endurance and fitness at 80%.

A third, individual upper heart rate limit can be saved for specific training goals and gives you room to reach your goals faster.

Just fold up and roll into place

Thanks to the practical folding function and transport wheels, you can easily set up your Performance treadmill – and just as easily stow it away again if needed.
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