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CCM Skates Ribcor 100K Pro Int

CCM Skates Ribcor 100K Pro Int
CCM Skates Ribcor 100K Pro Int

CCM Ribcor 100K PRO skate is designed to help you become as agile as possible on the ice. For the first time, CCM offers a fully moulded skate in the Ribcor range. The entire shoe is designed to enhance freedom of movement and optimize your performance. The flexible sole together with a new flexible back cap will give you the ability to get down low in your turn and on sharp turns generating more power and stability.

CONSTRUCTION:ONE PIECE BOOT FLEX - It's all about performance and noise. Players get faster power delivery and a better fit for better mobility and faster shooting.

MATERIAL: RFM-COMPOSITE - Lightweight NHL-rated composite material with a flexible structure.

STYLE: 175 - 185 variable flexibility - A flexible core offers perfect fit and increased biomechanics in every shoe.

LINER: TOTALDRI COMFORT - Highly effective, seamless, moisture-wicking material that keeps the foot dry and the skate light for increased comfort.

PADDING: Soft PRO contour - Soft padding around the top of the shoe for maximum comfort for the foot and instep.

ANCIENT PADDING: ADPT-MIND FOAM - Extra comfortable memory foam protection that wraps the player's foot in a foot-hugging way for a personalized fit and comfort.

Plate: EXTENSIBLE FLEXMOTION PLATE - 7 mm of sole with FlexMotion design for improved forward mobility and advanced snow protection.

MIDERSOLE: Lightweight composite midsole - For better power transfer between the rail and the shoe.

TÃ BOX: Assymetrical toe boxfor a better fit.

SHIELD: Speedblade XS holders with blade lock system.

STEL: STEP BLACK STEL ( 4 MM) - Premium quality steel with carbon fiber coating for first-class hard edges and phenomenal glide.

Article number: 0062131
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