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Hockey goalie  Goalie leg pads  MyBAUER goalie leg pads  Bauer Goalie Set MyBauer Vapor 3X Custom Set Int - Package

Bauer Goalie Set MyBauer Vapor 3X Custom Set Int - Package

Bauer Goalie Set MyBauer Vapor 3X Custom Set Int - Package
Bauer Goalie Set MyBauer Vapor 3X Custom Set Int - Package
BASIC PROTECTION: The Bauer Vapor 3X goalie pad is for the active goalie pad in the gun family, designed for speed, flexibility and lightness. The all-new STABILFLEX knee joint makes the shield 30% lighter than before and up to 25% more flexible compared to the STABILSLIDE counterpart in the Supremes series. The 3X goalie pad includes a BALANCE PLATE support. This manifests itself in a cushion at the lower leg that effectively balances and reduces pressure on the ankle, knee and hip area. Thanks to all the new features, the shin guard offers much more flexibility and rotation control than before, as well as a smoother ride on the ice. The shinguard is also equipped with the TUNE FIT 2.0 Velcro fastener and TOE STRAP buckle strap for increased comfort and fit. A lightweight CURV composite reinforcement has been added to the leather section. PLOCK: The Bauer 3X catch glove is designed for the active player in the Vapor family and is designed for smooth movement and the ability to quickly adjust the catch glove. The pocket is deeper than before to grip the puck properly and ensure it stays in the glove. CATCHLITE technology allows for easier handling when sticking the puck and releasing the puck. With FREE-FLEX, you get a wrist with fantastic movement and the material absorbs pucks well to give you the best conditions on the ice. Upgraded materials in the palm and on the top provide both better protection and a longer lasting grip than before. STATUS: Bauer Vapor 3X sticks are for active players who want performance. Part of the Vapor family, it's designed for smooth movement in a fast-pacedgame. The FREE-FLEX wrist section gives you increased mobility and agility out on the ice and the CONNEKT material in the palm together with the adjustability provides optimal comfort. The CURV composite reinforcement ensures that the durability of the impact is longer and gives you the right conditions to play your best ice hockey.

Design your very own Bauer VAPOR 3X shin guards, catch glove and bump to your exact specs and color combinations.

How to do this:
  1. Go to Bauer.com and design your set.
  2. When you are happy with your design, click "Save to order".
  3. After you save your order, you will see your "Recipe ID Number" - save the number.
  4. Go back to hockeystore.se and paste your Recipe ID number in the free text field of the product you want to buy.
  5. Close the order on hockeystore.se.
EAN code: 2214938975219
Article number: 0061360D209OS
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