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Bauer Elbow Pads Supreme 3S Pro Sr

Bauer Elbow Pads Supreme 3S Pro Sr
Bauer Elbow Pads Supreme 3S Pro Sr

Bauer Supreme 3S PRO is a high quality elbow pad. The unique AMP design divides the protection into 3 parts, allowing free movement at 360 degrees and ensuring that you are protected out on the ice.

In the Supreme 3S PRO we find the THERMO MAX technology, an antimicrobial and anti-odour sweat management system. Through sweat repellent properties and the prevention of the growth of smelly bacteria, the Supreme 3SPRO stays dry and fresh, extending the life of the product.

The Supreme 3SPRO wrist guard is anatomical and made to protect while looking good and staying in place as you move through different situations on the ice.

SIZE: Sr M / L

KAP: Anatomical cage provides protection around the entire arm

AMP: 3-piece construction allows for full mobility

BICEPS: 360 degree construction molded PE insert

UNDERARM: 360 degree molded protection

STRAPS: Anchor straps


Article number: 0061835
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Size Guide

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