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CCM Elbow Pads Jetspeed FT485 Jr.

CCM Elbow Pads Jetspeed FT485 Jr.
CCM Elbow Pads Jetspeed FT485 Jr.CCM Elbow Pads Jetspeed FT485 Jr.
The CCM Jetspeed FT485 elbow pad is designed for peak performance.Jetspeed is synonymous with mobility so you can move quickly while you're protected. The Jetspeed series' new tapered design has been created for ultimate mobility while being safe from bumps and impacts.
  • CONSTRUCTION:Hybrid design in 3 parts. New design with jockended overelbow pads for greater safety and convenience. Allows for natural movement of court players, in a lighter but still sturdy way.
  • UNDERARM: Molded PE shank for high quality protection.
  • ARMBÃ GSKÃ PA: Molded PE shank with JDP construction and visible EVA Foam. JDP arm shells designed to dissipate the force of impact away from the arm joint, plus rigid EVA foam protection for extra durability.
  • BICEP: Hollow upper arm protection with PE insert provides good protection around the upper arm.
  • REMARKS: Fastening system with 3 elastic nylon straps provides good comfort and personalized fit.
Article number: 0061439
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