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Gaam Enzyme Complex

Gaam Enzyme Complex
Gaam Enzyme Complex
GAAM Enzyme Complex är a dietary supplement with a spectrum of digestive enzymesält! Enzymes are proteins that are needed for the breakdown of food and are naturally found in certain foods such as fruit and vegetables. However, these enzymes are rare and are only consumed during cooking.

  • Complex of digestive enzymes
  • Supports food digestion
  • Optimizes nutrient absorption
  • Vegetable capsule

Optimize your nutrient intake with Enzyme Complex!

Enzymes play a vital role in the body and its ability to break down and assimilate nutrients, vitamins and minerals. GAAM Enzyme Complex contains a range of enzymes that work together to maximise digestive health and nutrient absorption. Whether you are dieting on a strict or deficient diet or trying to gain mass, optimal nutrient absorption is critical, it doesn't matter how much you eat if your body can't take advantage of it.

A good stomach health

There are major links between stomach health and general well-being. Much of the immune response lies in the stomach and its bacterial flora. An enzyme supplement can even help those who suffer from a swollen and bloated stomach.

The body's ability to absorb and produce enzymes diminishes with age and production decreases, even when dieting or detoxing. Therefore, it may be a good idea to supplement your diet with a food supplement such as Enzyme Complex.

Dosing guidelines:
3 capsules daily with meals.
EAN code: 7350077753471
Article number: 0068260072290
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