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Gaam Dietary Supplements Instant Oats

Gaam Dietary Supplements Instant Oats
Gaam Dietary Supplements Instant Oats
Oats contain essential nutrients such as protein, high quality carbohydrates, low fat and fibre. Instant Oats are a perfect addition to breakfast or snacks before and after exercise. The natural protein and carbohydrate content of oats can help you regain muscle tone after intense exercise.

  • 100% vegan
  • Proteinälla
  • Hälsoluble fats
  • Rich inå fibre
  • Näring-rich

Quick, easy and näring-rich!

Instant Oats är a finely ground, oat-based product that, due to its consistency, offers många use and är easy to integrate into your daily life. Use it to enrich your morning meal, add it to yogurt or your favourite smoothie/protein shake for an extra boost. Instant Oats är a very fast, convenient and nutritious food that works perfectly äeven with pancakes.

Mix 1 scoop (about 45 g) of powder with water or milk in a shaker.
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