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Off ice  Energy  Weight loss  Gaam Power Series Synephrine

Gaam Power Series Synephrine

Gaam Power Series Synephrine
Gaam Power Series Synephrine
Synephrine as a dietary supplement is mainly used for fat burning purposes due to its energising effect, but it also has other benefits for those who drink a lot, such as increased energy expenditure and reduced hunger pangs.

GAAM Power Series är a range of products designed för strength and performance! This is achieved through the use of pure and well-balanced doses of well-researched ingredients that really work. Power Series is developed in cooperation with Sweden's leading manufacturer of dietary supplements! It promises safe and effective ingredients of very high quality that give you the results you want.

  • Ökade energy
  • Ökade ämnesomsättning
  • Thermogenic effect
  • Efficient fatörbränning
  • Reduced hungeränlosses

What är synefrin?

Synephrine is a natural substance found in the peel of pomegranates, also known as Citrus aurantium.

Who is synephrine suitable for?

Synephrine can be good for those who want an extra boost in their diet as it has a stimulating effect and helps to lower body temperature, leading to a general energy expenditure, and is also good for those who have built up a tolerance to caffeine.via daily and / or ödistributed intake.

Suggested dosage:
One tablet daily before breakfast or träing. Synephrine can also be combined with caffeine for extra effect.

120 tablets.
EAN code: 7350077752481
Article number: 00682380722RE
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