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Gaam Build Muscles Health Series Zma

Gaam Build Muscles Health Series Zma
Gaam Build Muscles Health Series Zma
Zinc and magnesium from GAAM Health Series with added vitamin B6 that optimizes the absorption and därmed the effect of the preparation. ZMA främakes a normal hormonal balance and sänks the cortisol which leads to ögreater well-being and förbättrad nightömn, which in turn öincreases återhämtning and your results.

  • Främages normal hormone production
  • Öincreases väl satisfaction
  • Testosterone stimulant
  • Förbättrad nattsömn
  • Ökad återhämtning

Zinc plays among many other things, a central role in the ämnesomeättningen and in the body's hormone production.

Magnesium är a frequent föing mineral in a number of the body's metabolic processes däincluding a major role in protein synthesis.

Dosing Suggestion:

3 capsules daily before breakfast.

100 capsules
EAN code: 7350077750647
Article number: 00682700722RC
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