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Off ice  Energy  Health food other  Gaam Candy Series Test 260 G Super sour

Gaam Candy Series Test 260 G Super sour

Gaam Candy Series Test 260 G Super sour
Gaam Candy Series Test 260 G Super sour

Candy Series is expanding with another product - a testobooster! Developed to naturally restore and increase the levels of testosterone in your body with the help of a range of active ingredients such as DAA, Ginseng and vitamins.

What is a testobooster?

The purpose of a testobooster is to naturally increase and restore the amount of testosterone in the body, which is why testoboosters are also referred to as testosterone boosters. Testosterone plays a major role in muscle building, it is said that the more natural testosterone, the greater the increase in muscle mass for those who train hard.

An important difference

Common criticism of testoboosters is often in the form of if it really would increase testosterone levels, it would be just as illegal as anabolic steroids. Many critics miss the fact that a testobooster increases the amount of testosterone to the natural levels, not over the natural levels. This is an important difference.

Dosage Suggestion:

Mix one scoop (10.5 g) of powder with 250 ml of water in a shaker. Drink in the morning for best effect.


260 g, 25 servings.

EAN code: 7350077752436
Article number: 0068236H776OS
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