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Gaam Immunity

Gaam Immunity
Gaam Immunity
In GAAM Immunity, we have gathered some of the most widely studied and effective ingredients we know of today, which have a proven effect on immune responses and general health.

  • Antioxidants
  • Lättabsorbable
  • Smooth capsules
  • Immunförsvar
  • Välmående

A potent product!

GAAM Immunity is packed with vital minerals and vitamins that work synergistically to boost and stabilise your immune response. Ingredients include: vitamin D, beta-glucan, vitamin C and a range of minerals.

GAAM Immunity also contains black pepper extract, which has the power to enhance the absorption of the other ingredients. All för to maximise and optimise the end result. Keeping your immune system strong will help you stay healthy and continue your active lifestyle.

Good to know about vitamins!

Vitamins can be både water and fatlösliga därför it can be a good idea to consume omega-3 at the same time as your vitamins. It is also a good idea to take vitamins at the same time as meals in order to ensure optimal absorption. If you take vitamins on an empty stomach before breakfast, as many people do, you risk losing a lot of them through the urine.

This applies to supplements in general, but there are some exceptions for consumption on an empty stomach. These include creatine and invigorating supplements such as pre-workout products.

Dosing guidelines:
1 capsule dailyin connection with måltime.
EAN code: 7350077753532
Article number: 0068228072260
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